Aquarius horoscope: Zodiac sign, Traits and Compatibility

If you were searching for the Aquarius Horoscope then your search ends here as we are here to tell you everything about the Aquarius zodiac sign. Here we will discuss the meaning and significance if Aquarius sign, their positive and negative traits, their compatibility with other 11 zodiac sign and their characteristics as the mother, father, friend etc. You will also get to know about the Aquarius love horoscope as well as the trick to impress the Aquarius individuals. Let’s first discuss a little introduction.

Aquarius horoscope, Aquarius zodiac, Aquarius daily horoscope, Aquarius man, Aquarius traits

Aquarius Zodiac sign

Aquarius is the 11 zodiac sign of the astrology. Those who are born under this sign are more of the social animal and never love being alone. They so much care about the world and society and take the necessary step towards the betterment of the society whenever needed. Aquarius birth dates are between 20the January to 18th February. They are progressive as well as humanitarian who are run from the expression of the emotions. They have the visionary and progressive approach towards the life. They involve with the world cause in order to make the world a better place.


They are very deep thinkers and energetic. You will never see them with less energy and be seeing their energy level anyone will be motivated and go with their flow. they have a great influence on the people. They sometimes show the rude and aggressive nature. They always think from their mind rather than the heart so they become very successful in business. The career which suits them best are writing, photography, teaching, acting etc.

Aquarius sign meaning

Aquarius horoscope, Aquarius zodiac, Aquarius daily horoscope, Aquarius man, Aquarius traits

Aquarius symbol is old glyph which means ripple of water. Its sign represents water bearer or ‘cup-bearer or ‘water-carrier’ which means water bearer get the water as the gift of life, in the same way, Aquarians also work for the world and shower them with their new ideas and inventions. They feel very motivated when the world actually agrees with their ideas. they don’t give these thoughts for earn something, it is like a  gift o the world which can help make it a better place. They are sympathetic and try to help others till the limit if their comfort zone. Aquarians are ruled by the Uranus and Saturn and possesses the quality of both. They have the amazing presentation power that can make anyone stunt for a moment that’s why they become influential people in the society. Their logical mind starts to develop from the very early age which encourages them to understand complex things and terms from the early age. Due to their independent behavior, they are unable to work under pressure. They are sports lover and easily gather a team of players wherever they go.

Aquarius months are January and February. Their element is air and has the fixed quality. The lucky color for this signs is Light blue and silver as these colors suit best on them. They are the very good listener and this is the effect of the are most compatible with the Sagittarius and Leo. They like to enjoy with friends, fighting fo the cause, helping others and having the intellectual conversation. They are the very good listener and listen to anyone problem with patience. The don’t like the broken promises and people who disagree with their thoughts. They are shy sometimes. Let’s discuss more of the personality traits if the Aquarius in detail.

Aquarius personality traits

Aquarius horoscope, Aquarius zodiac, Aquarius daily horoscope, Aquarius man, Aquarius traitsAquarius traits are affected by their planet Saturn and where it is placed in your natal chart. The people have both negative as well as positive traits and people consider positive traits but don’t see the negative ones which lead them to failure. Here we are discussing both traits of the people born under this sign. Let’s find out more about these Aquarius characteristics first:

Aquarius Positive traits

There are many Aquarius characteristics which you don’t know. So here we are listing them.

Inventive: An Aquarius have the brilliant mind from the childhood only which develop in as the inventive in younger age. They are smart enough to find new things easily.

Humanitarian: This is the traits which most people don’t notice them but they are very caring towards people as well as for their planet earth. They actively take part in the causes which help the humans, to stop wars and other evil things.

Friendly: They are very friendly by nature. You will never see them alone as they are always surrounded by the people. They always help their friends in need.

Aquarius Negative traits

Apart from positive traits, there are negative  traits also some of them listed below:

Detached: Although they are a very good friend and always think good of everyone they are in contact with the freedom lover they don’t easily come into relationship. They love their freedom more than anyone.

Extremist: They are careless by nature. They see the world as the black and while and never try to understand other;s peace of mind. When they found something grandiose they even ignore their daily life responsibilities also.

Unpredictable: Whether you are living with them from ages or from two hours, you can not predict them. Their life is full of surprises. You will never be successful in ready them easily as they change very fast and always think out of the box.

These were the some of the good and bad qualities of the Aquarius which you can find in them easily.  We are going to discuss more the Aquarius strength in the next section. Let’s know which celebrity belong to this sign.

Aquarius woman personality

Aquarius horoscope, Aquarius zodiac, Aquarius daily horoscope, Aquarius man, Aquarius traitsAquarius women possess the quality of Saturn. These sign women can not solve the conflicts they start. Most of their conflicts involve right for the respect but they should realize that respect should be earned, no one can force to make someone to respect you. The women belong to this sign are very strong by nature and stood for themselves. This shows their brave nature. She never goes in a relationship until she knows that it is the perfect for her and you can attract Aquarius women by respect or surprises only. If their partner hurt her or cheat her she starts to lie and accept her mistakes and don’t feel bad about it also. She searches for the partner who is intelligent like her and believes in simple living as she doesn’t like these modern taboos. She hates narrow-minded people and keeps friendship or relationship with them. Aquarius are mysterious and have the best sense of humor. They like the people who don’t limit them.  She is independent women so if you try to put restriction her, she will not tolerate it. She can be a good manager or a good leader if she gets the right guidance from their teacher and parents.

Aquarius weakness includes finding emotional and inner peace. She gets hurt easily by the other’s behavior. She never complains about being late. She likes surprises and wants that everyone should give surprise gifts. She likes technical things more than anything else. She likes spicy food, clubbing late night, dancing. And She likes something new and exciting every time she go on a date. This sign women are best for the permanent and secure relationship.

Aquarius man personality

Aquarius horoscope, Aquarius zodiac, Aquarius daily horoscope, Aquarius man, Aquarius traitsAquarius man is very talented creatures and believes in truthfulness as well as in their ideals. They are friendly by nature so they easily mingle with the people everywhere whether in office or parties etc. You can not understand them easily as they change very frequently and like to explore new things in life. Sometimes he becomes cold and dignified attitude which leaves them lonely. But with their traits, they gain their friends and family. They are very active and try to complete their goals as fast they can and that why they get the success in their life very early. He respects their partner’s freedom and value as well as help them to achieve their life goals. He is adventure lover and also want their partner to be as much adventurous as he is. He can be a scientist due to his sharp mind or can be a politician due to great leadership quality he possesses.

Aquarius boy loves to travel the whole world in order to explore the planet and find out new things.  They are also the gadget geeks and even read the manuals and labels in detail of their new gadgets. So if you want to gift them then this will be the best choice. They really didn’t bother about their birthdays but they get excited when they get the gift which is useful to them. You can trust them easily but they never trust their partner easily and sometimes it is the reason behind their unsuccessful relationships. They have a strong mind and no one can hurt them easily. They are the very good communicators and can express their feelings easily to anyone. Due to the effect of the Saturn, they are detached and unemotional sometimes. You can handle them with patience and respect.

Aquarius eminent personalities

The famous personalities who belong to this sign are Bob Marley, Michael Jordan, Christiano Ronaldo, Oprah Winfrey, Aston Kutcher etc.

Aquarius compatibility with another element

Aquarius horoscope, Aquarius zodiac, Aquarius daily horoscope, Aquarius man, Aquarius traits

Aquarius element: Air

Aquarius girl is generally shy by nature and doesn’t like limitations. They mingle with people easily and hate being lonely. They generally avoid themselves from boring people as well as the situation but the stood with anyone who is fighting for the causes. They like the independence as represented by their element air, they do the things they like and go only where they love to.

Water sign

Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility

Scorpio is ruled by the Mars and has traits of the Mars. Scorpio adores the Aquarius and may become possessive of them sometimes and Aquarius feels good by this. But the problem arises when these couples come to fight they fight like the real enemy and their fight seems like they will not give up until one of them is dead. As Scorpio belong to water sign whose planet is Neptune, due to its effect they forget everything and start their relation with a new way.

Aquarius and Pisces compatibility

Pisces is ruled by the Jupiter and these signs don’t have the best relation but once they start to understand each their bond start to become strong and then they can live a happy life after. But the main problem is that they don’t have compatibility at the starting. Pisces love to live their dreamland world while Aquarius loves to be in the real world this can cause conflict between them. They together feel frustrated when they fail to complete the dream together.

Aquarius and Cancer compatibility

Cancer sign is ruled by the Moon and you can see the effect of the moon in their life as well as in their relationship also. These couples lack the intimacy and generally have the stressful relationship with Aquarius partner. Their compatibility can be seen when they learn new things together but their likes may differ like cancer will want to go for picnic etc while Aquarius like learning new things, reading new books etc. Cancer prefers knowledge over the information while this is opposite for Aquarius. The overall relation of these couples is ok but sometimes lack mutual bonding.


Aquarius horoscope, Aquarius zodiac, Aquarius daily horoscope, Aquarius man, Aquarius traits

Air Sign

Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility

When both partners belong to same sign Aquarius, then it becomes difficult to accept that they are in love with each other. According to Aquarius astrology, this sign does not have very good marital or life. Now you can image how much it is difficult for them to be in the relationship when both the persons belong to the Aquarius star sign. It is strange to say but this pair can understand each other better than the other people can understand them, but the only problem occurs at the later stage of the relationship due to the lack if the emotional bond.

Aquarius and Libra compatibility

Libra is ruled by the Venus and due to the effect of the planet, they choose their partner by seeing the outer beauty only. You can see a good understanding between this signs. They generally don’t respect each other feelings much and Aquarius tries to dominate some time which greatly upset the Libra. When they are together, they try many great things. In the case of breakups, this pair should give another chance to their love as they can’t find the better companion than each other, therefore they should stick with each other in bad and good times both and try to tackle the situation with patience.

Aquarius and Gemini compatibility

Gemini is ruled by the Mercury and due to the effect of this,  people belong to this sign don’t like boring conversation and peoples and because of this, we can say that Aquarius are the best match for them as they like the excitement and likes to try exciting thing together. But they find the lack of emotions and compassion at the later stage. If these couples want long term relationship then they need to work for non verbal understanding and emotional bonding.

Aquarius horoscope, Aquarius zodiac, Aquarius daily horoscope, Aquarius man, Aquarius traits

Fire Sign

Aquarius and Leo compatibility

Leo is ruled by the sun planet and they believe in living their life like a king also. These couples are more energetic than any other couples. they have the ability to discover new things or make new records. The problem faced by both partner is the ego battle and sometimes this can lead to the breaking of the relation. If they let go of some of the things related to their partner then they can save their relation easily. The best thing about these couples is that they aways support each other in any situation.

Aquarius and Sagittarius compatibility

Sagittarius is ruled by the Jupiter sp they like to be treated like the king. They also keep their partner as the king or queen and this attitude is very much is liked by the Aquarius. But they both never come in real relation. They are just like the more than a best friend but less than a partner. They take care of each other when they go through the bad phase of life. This should think twice before coming in a relationship as this pair may lack intimacy and a heartless bond.  Tey even doesn’t like each other’s activities. Their overall relationship is average.

Aquarius and Aries compatibility

Aquarius ruling planet is Saturn while Aries ruling planet is Mars. These couples generally lack tenderness. They forget the world when they start talking with each other. Aries try to steal freedom from their Aquarius partner by changing everything in their life while Aquarius never change their nature for anyone and this thing makes Aries unhappy in their relationship. Aries likes the serious talk and if their partner understands this, then they can rock their world. Due to Mars as the ruling planet, Aries wants to be one and only in their partner’s life. Aquarius understand this but they can’t be faithful for the longer time.

Aquarius horoscope, Aquarius zodiac, Aquarius daily horoscope, Aquarius man, Aquarius traits

Earth sign

Aquarius and Taurus compatibility

Aquarius ruling planet is Saturn while Taurus is ruled by the Venus and due to the effect of it, Taurus give preference to the outer beauty than the inner beauty and this thing is never liked by the Aquarius. They both have different nature, different likeness but still manage to fall in love with each other. But often they become unhappy with each other as they both start to go in different direction. Taurus go for peace while Aquarius ran behind the excitement. They mostly start their relationship with friendship and don’t fall in love in the first site.

Aquarius and Capricorn compatibility

These both sign are ruled by same planet Saturn but they don’t have same traits and that’s why they don’t get attracted to each other at the beginning and the main reason behind this is that they don’t get easily attached to each other emotionally. They are attracted to each other physically but lack the emotional touch and have the ego. If they both bow down a little in front of each other for the sake of the relationship, their relation can workout.  When they are together they help each other to get success in their career by helping each other in turning their weak points into strong ones, So when they come together they get success in life.

Aquarius and Virgo compatibility

Virgo is ruled by the Mercury and due to the effect of it on Virgo person, they are practical, obsessed cleaning maniac, down to earth and these are the qualities from which most of the Aquarius run from due to which Virgo feel frustrated from the irresponsible and unrealistic nature of them. That’s why their compatibility is only average but if Virgo ignores some of the faults of the partner then they can have the long serious relationship. When these signs come together, they can rock the world with their sharp mind.

Aquarius compatibility with the Friends and Family

Aquarius horoscope, Aquarius zodiac, Aquarius daily horoscope, Aquarius man, Aquarius traits

We have discussed all sign’s compatibility with Aquarius and now you know Aquarius compatible signs. In this section, we are going to discuss their traits when they are in the different relationship.

As a Father

As a father, Aquarius are very strict with their children and love to keep their children in discipline from the childhood. They also encourage their child to build their character by their own. They love their children very much but when they come to their career they behave as the strict person and this helps their children to develop a discipline in their life and later in achieving their goal. They feel proud when their children achieve their goal in their life and they always appreciate their child in front of everyone but whenever they find the mistakes f their children, they never scold them in public instead talk to them in alone time. this is the best trait of people who belong to this sign because this act actually increases their child’s self-confidence.

As a mother

As a mother, this sign women want their children to be well mannered and very disciplined from the early childhood. They are weak for their child from inside but look very tough from outside to give their children strength. Whenever child this sign mother face problem, they always come to their mother first for the advice. they provide the best solution to the problem faced by the children and she better know what their child want in their life and help them with full dedication to achieving it. The best quality of mothers belong to this sign is that they never make any decisions based on their emotions while the thing of the problem in a practical way to find the possible solution.

As a child

The child belongs to this sign are very smart from their childhood. That’s why they win many prizes and competitions in their childhood. they are not so good in the sports but are fond of the intellectual game like chess, quiz etc. If these children get right guidance from their parents and children from the early childhood then they can be the scientist in adulthood. Most of the people don’t like their improper behavior towards family or friend and criticized for their behavior by others. But once they accept their weaknesses, they become more focus towards their goal and achieve them with their full dedication.

As a lover

They are not a possessive lover and they want same from their partners also and this is because they don’t like that someone keeps them in the limitations. They are also rude sometimes when they are going through the bad phase of their life. They are dreamy sometimes and this can be frustrating for their partners. They love to spend time with their partner and believe in romance. They come into the relationship very quickly as well as goes out with the same speed. They sometimes become lost in the dreams of their own then their partner has to explain them the reality and should keep patience while this change occur.

As friends

One of the Aquarius quality os that they are the friends who will always be there when you are in problem. They are always ready to help everyone whether they are friends or not but this doesn’t mean they don’t know who are their real friends and who are not. Also, they never cheat with their friends. You will never see them alone because they how to keep people closer to them and that’s why they have lots of friend but their best friends are very less as they don’t like to share their feelings with the all the people.

Aquarius Decan

Aquarius horoscope, Aquarius zodiac, Aquarius daily horoscope, Aquarius man, Aquarius traits

We have discussed all the details of the people born under the Aquarius sun sign. Now we are going to discuss some of the traits of the people belong to one of the 3 decans. Have a look:

Decan 1: Born between 21 January to 29 January

This decan is ruled by the two planet Saturn and Uranus. The people belong to this sign have the determination and are popular for their Multiple talents. They can imagine things very quickly. They are like by everyone for the attractive personality.

Decan 2: Born between 30 January and 8 February

This decan is ruled by the Mercury planet. They think of everything very logically. People born under these dates are intelligent as well as very truthful. They sometimes behave witty in front of their friends and family.

Decan 3: Born between 9 February and  18 February

This decan is ruled by the Venus which is the sign of beauty and romance so people belong to this sign are romantic and their life changes with someone ‘s love. These people are very active as well as impulsive by nature.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

Aquarius horoscope, Aquarius zodiac, Aquarius daily horoscope, Aquarius man, Aquarius traitsAquarius in love behave different than the normal time, you can tell that they are in love with their activities. They like to go on a romantic candle light dinner and want to do long conversation. Actually, they are the good communicators so they can easily express their love and affection through words and that’s why they like the long conversation. They don’t get easily in the relationship but when they do they are honest and loyal for their partner and want same from their partner also. In short, we can say that they want the committed relationship else they like to remain in friendship. They are not possessive and give equal freedom to their partner. Sometimes they become cold and insensitive which affect their relationship. Overall, they are fun loving, not at all possessive, intelligent and freedom loving and expect same for their partner also.

How to attract Aquarius 

Aquarius horoscope, Aquarius zodiac, Aquarius daily horoscope, Aquarius man, Aquarius traitsTill now we have discussed Aquarius sign meaning, their positive and negative traits, their love horoscope. In this section, you are going to know How to impress an Aquarius. The idea is simple, you should know the positive and negative traits of them.  Aquarius person is intelligent, independence lover. They are very good friends. You can be their friends first but you have to keep patience and be cool in the friendship period. He doesn’t like limitations so never try to limit them as well as respect their dream and desire in order to impress them. They like long and good conversation with their partner so try to connect with them as much possible. Never try to control them as they will get frustrated easily and lost interest in you very easily. Try to behave differently than others because they easily notice the people who look little different or do different things in their life.

To know more about Aquarius view this video:

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