aries horoscope, aries love horoscope, aries traits

Aries horoscope: zodiac sign, Traits and Compatibility

Aries is the first zodiac sign in all 12 signs so we are here discuss Aries horoscope related different perspective in detail. The ruling planet of Aries is considered to be Mars. People born in the month of March and April specifically from 21 March -20 April are considered to be an Aries birth dates. Mars is known as the god of aggression and rage and so are many people who fall under this zodiac sign. You like to fight like a protagonist or be swept away by one. Aries being the first sign of zodiac also loves to be at first position. You are born leaders and a solo star who loves to be in a spotlight whether it is your workplace or home or any party or function. You are born to be different and shine brightly among the crowd. You are attention seekers and love when everyone around you pays attention to you.You know how to grab attention also. Individuals born under this sun sign are considered to be very optimistic with an attitude of winning. As leadership is one of your best qualities you love to boss around but sometimes you have to take care of this attitude and let others be the boss every now and then. The best character traits among people born under this sun sign are leadership, Industriousness, cheerfulness, ambitious and inspirational. Let’s discuss more Aries astrology in detail.

Aries sign meaning

aries horoscope, aries love horoscope, aries traits

Aries symbol is The Ram. It symbolises cheerful behavior and that’s why you love to be happy. Also as leadership and carefree behavior one of your important traits ,optimizing works for you is a cherry on the cake. According to the symbol to achieve things in your life you take rash and hasty approach. Your birthstone is ruby and garnet which is considered to be lucky for you so either you can wear these or simply put them with you.Aries falls under dates of March and April month so these months are known as the Aries month As fire being your element red is your color.The ram loves to take charge of everything.If the need is they will love to be a solo star usually, make them ending up doing everything all alone.

Aries Planet: Mars

Scarlet planet mars are known as God of War. People who belong to Aries sun sign think like a warrior and love to face challenges like a hero. Being a warrior do not signify being ready for the fight . Instead, you are always up for actions and adventures. Anything that makes your spirit excited, you dedicate all your energy towards it.You hate to sit idly and always want to do something.You are spontaneous in everything. The God of War constantly reminds you of the energy you possess and the time you face a problem you sit and make plans for tackling the problem and then you generally dedicate your energy in tackling the problem.

Aries personality traits

aries horoscope, aries love horoscope, aries traits

Your personality outshines your inner self. You are strong minded and have powerful Aries personality within you. You set your aim very high, love to challenge yourself and work very positively towards achieving the goal.

You are filled with energy and you try to utilize the energy in positive things and it is not easy to make you tired. You are very courageous and love to take the risk .The most important quality of you is courage which lets you lead everything and makes up your leadership quality. You work towards everything that catches your eyes and thus you work with great zeal towards it.You don’t beat around the bushes, you love to face the problem direct head on and have the energy to keep working on it. You like to set an inspiration for everyone around you by your personality. Everyone in your circle tries to follow your lead and footsteps. You are very frank and easily open up to everyone and anyone around you but because of your bossy behavior sometimes you may be a little intolerable. You are impulsive and impatient and do not give a second thought to any decision you have to take.

Aries Positive traits

Aries people are filled with many traits we are discussing some of Aries Traits below:

Adventurous: You are born adventurous.You never think twice before taking a risk and a few times you push your luck to get an adrenaline rush.

Courageous: You have the courage to follow your heart and be able to take a risk. So that’s why it supports your adventurous behavior.

Versatile: As you love adventures you are always ready to try out new things in life and wants to have a taste of everything.

Lively: It is very difficult to find an Arian with low energy. Only their lively presence in a room fills the room with complete energy.

Leader: With a warrior like a trait and a bossy behavior you are a born leader. You have to focus your energy at a place and then no one can reduce your chances of achieving success.

Passionate: This positive Aries traits male supports your leadership quality in many ways. When you become passionate about something or someone, you work with all forces to get it and try to set an inspirational story for others.

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Aries negative traits

Apart from many Aries qualities, there are also some negative traits also. Let’s have  a look:

Arrogance: Because of your bossy attitude and that what you know or perceive is right makes you arrogant in nature.

Stubborn:You have a fixed opinion regarding a particular thing and you won’t change it for anything in the world.This makes you very difficult person to deal with.

Indiscipline: Your energy is scattered in the different direction.You need to harness your energy and make it unidirectional and be disciplined in order to achieve success

The tendency to leave projects midway: Because of the lack of discipline, you usually leave the project halfway as you cannot concentrate on one thing for longer to search another task/challenge. It is all because of your need for excitement.

Aries woman personality

They are known to be very charming, bold, confident and full of life. Adventurous nature being their sun sign trait they are known to face the challenges and welcome any hardship with open arms. They love to live the life to the fullest. These Aries women are known to set an inspiration for others as well.It is not that difficult to understand women.

Aries traits female can sometimes dependent on others for emotional or financial reasons.They are known to be very intelligent and dramatic as well.They are very strong and won’t welcome any kind of nonsense.

They try very hard to get whatever they need and can go a long way to get it. They are stubborn and attention seekers but if they are ignored, they get anxious.They are very frank and readily approach everything and almost everyone.They easily trust everyone around them and usually end up breaking their own hearts and often suffer a lot of pain.

Arian women are known as ones with the strong mental approach in their lives. Being an Arian they are unbiased and unfair.They believe in spending their earnings in buying luxuries of life. Being the hard worker, they generally found earning a good fortune.

Arian women should learn to polarize their energy in a particular direction to get what they deserve.

Aries man personality

Enthusiasm is the word that completely suits an Aries man.You are very lively and are always ready for an adventure.If anything you find that can keep you engaged and can get your mind on working state, you try to grab it without thinking twice. You may come across as bossy, stubborn or arrogant at a few times but ones whom you think as worthy of you knows the completely different side of yours as well.

You don’t prefer to waste your precious time crying about how the world has never been fair to you or what hardships you faced in life. You have the lot of enthusiasm, positivity and you always try to set an inspiration for others about how to combat with challenges of life.

Men who are born between Aries birth dates are considered to be overconfident and a little insensitive.If one expect them to heal your wound with patience then maybe you are expecting a little too much from them.

Arian men are known for their short tempered, arrogant, egoistic and controlling behavior. You are really not a great finisher though as you have a negative trait of leaving a project in a mid way .

If you don’t find something interesting anymore you won’t waste your any more time on doing the thing again. This is true in sense of relationship aspect as well.

Aries compatibility with other Elements

aries horoscope, aries love horoscope, aries traits

Aries Element: Fire

Just the same as your element represents i.e Fire, you are also filled with the immense source of energy which is impossible deplete. You are unpredictable because of this spontaneity and energy you possess. You enlighten the room you are in and everybody is benefitted with your presence. You have strong survival instincts and intuition which helps you come out of tight and difficult situations. Here we are to discuss Aries compatible signs:

Fire sign

Aries and Leo Compatibility:

Both the sun signs Leo and Aries are considered to be egoistic and stubborn in nature. If either of them is ready to compromise with their ego problem. They share almost same likes and dislikes.THey love to enjoy the company of their beloved ones and crave for fun as well. Aries end up loving the charisma and ideas of the leg.

Aries and Sagittarius Compatibility:

You both can make a very compatible pair. Your relationship will have a lot of passion, energy, and enthusiasm, these are very good characters that make your bonding rock strong. Both Sagittarius and Aries enjoy each other’s company and the energy between you both rise with time. You try to help and complement each other by fighting in hardships together.

You should give some freedom to each other to enjoy and breathe fully in your relationship.

Aries and Aries Compatibility

You both are born fighters with traits of a warrior and behavior of a leader. You both take your privacy seriously and you always try to protect your identity. Arians are filled with positive energy and stimulate their task by their deep inner power. You both are extrovert and very straightforward in your personal relationship. You both are not at all slow in forgiving and forgetting.Arians make passionate lover.

Earth sign

aries horoscope, aries love horoscope, aries traits

Aries and Taurus Compatibility

A Taurean takes his own time to understand the situation deeply and then react accordingly whereas an Arian is always in haste. Arians are bound to do mistakes in their life as they try to understand the world by taking matters in their hand and his Taurus counterpart reacts with “I told You so” attitude. To work out your relationship on a right path both of you has to respect the viewpoint of your counterpart as well. You may end up fighting after a few lovely cuddly days.

Aries and Capricorn Compatibility

Aries and Capricorn are highly motivated people who both know how to reach their goal. Creativity and Independence are the salient traits of an Arian but the Capricorn always follow a consistent and stable path. Capricorn is all worried about the future and security whereas Arian loves to enjoy their life to the fullest and do not care about money at all. Aries matches with Capricorn need tolerance power to work out your relationship and a good business combination as well.

Aries and Virgo Compatibility

You both are very honest. Arians are very impulsive and don’t take long to come to a decision but Virgo rethinks over the same decision several time. You both have a strong bond and there is an element of magnetism in your relationship but your relationship lasting longer depends on Arians controlling their rash behavior and Virgo to stop nagging and criticizing. As Arians cannot digest criticism.

Water sign

Aries and Scorpio Compatibility:

The worst part of their relationship is that a Scorpio never forgets the worst thing done to him whereas an Aries never remembers any harsh thing happened in their life. Mostly Scorpio women are attracted by the strong will power of an Aries man.

Aries and Cancer Compatibility

Usually, cancerians are not family persons whereas with Arians it is completely vice versa. Cancer demands intimacy and they believe in mutual dependence in a relationship whereas Arians demands individual presence. Arians are known to be cold and self-centered but Cancerians are very sensitive and emotional as well.

Aries and Pisces Compatibility

Arians are famous for their outspoken and confident nature, unlike pieces who are very oppositely shy sensitive and emotional. This relationship might work out because Pisceans try to dedicate a lot of efforts in this relationship and Arians have smart brains and try to shower their beloved with generous gifts.

Air Sign

Aries and Aquarius Compatibility

Aries and Aquarius are the best combination of two zodiacs as both of them love adventure and excitement in life. They both enjoy freedom. They have almost same personality trait. Arian tries to admire the creative approach of an aquarian towards life and in return aquarian supports the instantaneous behavior of Marian. This relationship will work out without difficulty if Arian gives little personal space to aquarian.

Aries  and Libra Compatibility

An Arian is very impulsive and don’t give their decision a second thought whereas a library is known

for their quality of taking decision by measuring all pros and cons. Their relationship and bond is completely dependent on their emotional attachment.Arians are stubborn and do not usually change their mind if once made up on the other hand librans respect different opinions .Only if both of them tries to fill this differences with tender love then they both have a chance of gaining compatibility.

Aries and Gemini Compatibility

This is also a perfect match according to astrology. If both Arian and Gemini tries to respect each other’s personality traits they have a good possibility of having a longevity in their relationship. They both are over excited in their respective lives and tries to banish everything that is little dull or boring. But sometimes Gemini can be slow in completing the conversation whereas Arians are very impulsive and impatient which can make them irritated sometimes.Arians let others manifest their personal space and Gemini will enjoy this trait and in return, they will respect Arian’s individuality.

Aries compatibility with friends and Family

aries horoscope, aries love horoscope, aries traits

As a Father

As your trait is of dominance and have bossy behaviour you come out to be tough dad. You like to let your children enjoy their personal space and let their talents blossom .Being a perfectionist you like to see your child be one too. You want your little ones to get deeper into anything that catches their interest.As per your adventure love , you love outdoor sports and you try to encourage your kids to play rather than focusing on studies all time. You are perfect as a father and try fulfill all your responsibility towards your kids.

You are broad minded and take your child as a friend so they can trust you but try to maintain a limit line too .You try to pass your learnings to them and let them conquer the worlds with energy like you .The only negative trait is you try to force your likes and dislike on them and sometimes while enjoying your personal space and individuality you might at times, forget to be there for them. 

As a mother

Similar as an aries father she also has a dominating feature with all the motive of being protective towards their kids.All she wants is well being of her kids. If her kids are veering from their motives and losing their aim or deviating from the right path she might be very strict although she loves to spoonfeed her child. She likes to see her kids being on the top of anything and everything they choose to be in . She also want her child to be in fitness as much as in studies and equally encourage them to indulge in outdoor activities. She enjoys when her child is happy but same as aries father tries to force her likings on them .She can sometimes be more stifling as compared to her counterpart.

As a children

These are best as children as they can be relied on. When parents grow older they become more caring and loving . They are very attached to their loved ones specially their parents. They know how to follow their chosen path and stand by their viewpoint . They are not the rebellious ones but have the courage to go follow their dreams .Aries boy are at times very outragious just till the time their needs are fulfilled and they stick to their demands.As their parents, you might face a hard time making them realize the wrongs and rights. They have a leadership quality which assures their future and they are destined to bring glory.

As a friend

Star sign Aries believe in group friendship. The more friends around pleases them.Despite everyone with opposite traits they easily fit in with everyone and are usually considered to be the bonding one in the group. They love to set an inspiration for everyone and their friends love to follow Arians lead.As these individuals have the immense energy to maintain a healthy friendship others have to also show the same amount of excitement towards adventure. They are the least sensitive ones in the group so, at times of emotional breakdown, you can never go to them. But if they know the worth of a friend the bond becomes rock solid and the friendship lasts for life.

As a lover

The individuals born under this sun sign are very flirtatious and they do not hesitate to approach the one who caught their eyes. They are straightforward even in the field of relationship. If you continuously hide your viewpoint and agree with them they might easily get bored. They live their lives with a lot of energy and expect the same with their beloved ones. They love to dominate in their relationship also. Aries boy doesn’t like to take orders. You cannot be monotonous being with an Arian as they like to dedicate their energies to new things.It is little difficult to build a bond with them but ones they start trusting and relying on you, they maintain their loyalty and commit with all their heart.

Aries Decans

aries horoscope, aries love horoscope, aries traitsAs the words suggests , Sun sign is divided further into 10 days known as a decan. According to the decan, set of planets are attached which govern Aries Strength and behaviour. Read further to find your decan and how it defines your personality.

Aries Decans 1: Born between March 21 and March 30

INdividuals born under this decan are spontaneous and impatient. They may get ill between the age of 42-56 years.The 28th year is very important in their respective lives. They are courageous and are initiators of all actions around them. They should learn to keep their tongue and aggressive behavior in control.

Aries Decans 2: Born between March 31 and April 9

The planetary ruler of people under this decan is the Sun. Arians under it are very creative and constructive. People are very fortunate to be born under these 10 days. They are very kind hearted and are a born leader with a lot of courage to follow their passion.They have immense energy and work hard to achieve their goals.They work continuously until they get what they desire. With a good sense of humor and ability to make fun of themselves they are sometimes fun to be around.They are attention seekers and have potential to be a center of everything.

Aries Decans 3: Born between April 10 and April 20

The one born under this decan has their planetary ruler ‘Jupiter’.They are keen learners and highly motivated individuals . They enjoy being with others and enjoy a good intellect conversation. These aries eminent personalities make them cherish happy moments of life and also makes them reliable and trustworthy. Being an arian , their love for adventure is noteworthy. They are always ready to help others in the time of need and are always there for the loved ones. They have immense thirst for knowledge .Being a good learner enhances their leadership quality. Aries Weaknesses is that they usually end up creating a diferent world around them like to live in it and create unrealistic expectations from others as well.

Aries career

As leadership one of your Aries characteristics, you enjoy being stage-centered. As an individual under The Warrior sign, you love to be in charge of everything. You love to take the risk and possess optimistic approach towards everything. Working under someone is not your cup-of-tea. You like to take command of everything.

It all comes from your ruler mars.You love to take any chance that flaunts your being-in charge-of-almost-everything trait. This character of yours usually turns out to be a major pitfall on the job as because of your being a solo star attitude you end up working alone with you handling all the work single-handedly.

Fire being their element, whenever you face adversary or hardship the element takes control of you.You utilize this type of opportunity to showcase all your characteristic traits like leadership, Optimism, inspirational attitude with the warrior like thinking.

Being competitive and boastful you love to play games provided the game should always be fair and malice-free, as you can be blatant or fiery sometimes but can never tolerate the unfair behavior.This makes you very attractive and famous among your known and loved ones.

Aries love Horoscope

aries horoscope, aries love horoscope, aries traits

You are adventure lover. Despite being self-centered, self-absorbed, impulsive babe your love towards life, the optimistic behavior and to live the life to its fullest hides all your negative traits making you a lovable individual.You are good at winning the admirers. The neonate Arians never trust the world without experiencing it first handed.You have overwhelming innocence and trust in the goodness of world which makes you adorable as a person.

You consider love to be a necessity of life and never hesitate in demanding love.If you find something worth following then you won’t even hesitate in finding love with least probability.You consider love as a magic potion. Aries in love completely forget everything in this magical feeling.You may act as dominating individual but the least you want is a submissive partner. They love to pamper their beloved with extravagant gifts as it makes them have a feeling of accomplishment.Because of Aries horoscope love inherited from your sign you are bound to be dependent on your partner. One of your quality or rather traits is being macho and possessive. You try to guard your partner and fulfill all their needs and demands with all due respect.If you are neglected by someone you cry or shout or start throwing tantrums but if you are not happy in a relationship you may turn out to be the disloyal partner.

How to attract an Aries:

Being a leader always they love to know if someone is a strong follower of them. Come to them as a follower. Let them enjoy their personal space and approach them with the same zeal towards life as them. They have the reserve of energy that never depletes so you should let them know that you love their energetic attitude and love for adventure. They love compliments so try to admire them.Unlike any other zodiac sign, they are the ones with the utmost need of admiration and compliments.

They are mentally strong individual so try to have a debate on intellectual topics. They hate dull things around them. Ask for their advice on intelligent and lively topics as they love challenges.

Do not agree with everything they say, try to question things. Try to engage yourself in healthy debates and keep the conversation lively as they easily get bored if you keep your point of view to yourself. They love to give orders and hate to take one so try to avoid giving orders to them.It is because of their bossy trait. You can enjoy a great time with them as they are awesome in making plans and executing it with great zest. they have a dominant character so if they ask for something try to go with the flow and show the same interest in the plan as well. They love to be the controller.

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