Capricorn horoscope: Zodiac sign, Traits and Compatibility

Capricorn is the sign that represents the time and responsibility and people born in Capricorn horoscope are serious and traditional by nature. They have the strength of the responsibility, Self-confidence, discipline and good management skills. They like the family outings, Music, Quality craftsmanship. They are the manager of self and produces the lead way to the solid and plans their friends or working people which help in the work at that time. They learn from their mistakes and always get the best in their career based on their expertise and experience. The sign of this horoscope is the goat which has the tail of the fish. They not only make sense on the material world but have the ability to get out of tough situations. However, people of this sign may be stiff and stubborn to move from one point of view relationship because they take more time to understand the nature of the other individual and have the tendency to put the traditional out of the fear aggressively.

Capricorn horoscope, Horoscope capricorn, capricorn traits, capricorn zodiac sign

The Capricorn Dates are 22 December to 19 January.The Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn that’s why they got many obstacles in their way. Saturn has impacts on their responsible and practical behavior.  Sometimes they need to understand that it is compulsory to learn forgiving others to make their own life more positive. It is the symbol which serves from the monster’s mind. They are somewhat resentful when their order and announce is not followed in the proper way but are always prepared to convert every scary thing to the non-scary things. They show their face as the enough brave that does not scare from any climatical or threatening situations.They are evolved with their surrounding. their cardinal quality acquires the four stars, lucky day Saturday and luck color is the black and brown. Having the good and perfect compatibility with the Cancer and Taurus, the Lucky number is the 4,8,13 and 22. They have the good eating habit and wants the timely meals, don’t like to disturb during eating. they like the nutritious food citrus, milk and spinach. Sardines as well green leaf also like. The Capricorn months are December and January. Let discussed more for the Capricorn in detail which is given below:

Capricorn sign meaning

Capricorn horoscope, Horoscope capricorn, capricorn traits, capricorn zodiac sign

Capricorn symbol is Sea-Goat. They are the natives of the resistance of the hard work and gives the more expression to the classics than the domestic life. They are the scary individual which depends on other when they face poverty. They do hard work for a long time and having no time to spend the money and therefore they save their money for the future. Their sign is the goat and these sign people have the focus on the goals. Their body structure seems diminished when they wear the huge and tight clothes. they stay healthy even in their old age. Capricorn sun sign person keeps themselves away from the alcohol and rich foods. They feel stress and tension very quickly which become harmful to their health. These people belong to that category which makes their relationship with the elderly people, They have the sharp mental structure which gives them an incredible power as well as strength and makes them ambitious. They concerned on the standing public and prestige.

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They keep the patience and wait for the long term for what they wish for. According to Capricorn astrology, this kind of nature makes them stay happy in the office and don’t take much time to be at the top. It has the both quality ambitious and of determined. The project has the more important for them because they are the missionary or commander planner. They are practical and can dedicate everything for their goals and sometimes be too stubborn. These thoughts make them happy as well as smell sweet. They have the color like the sun to shine their image in the society and in the world. Their eyes always established on their summit. They sometimes use the rope to get what they want and this rope is their family and family. They have the tendency to easily trust everyone and have the importance more than the goals. They have the surprising things like they step forward slowly but they reach their desired goals at last. They have the slow and steady rate towards the progression. They are rewarded towards their goals and can be achieved by perfect performing. They are extremely very ambitious but not the God for the rush.

Capricorn personality traits

Capricorn horoscope, Horoscope capricorn, capricorn traits, capricorn zodiac signThe Capricorn folks are determinant in the whole zodiac sign. They are conservative, ambitious helpful and practical which is the prominent quality of the goats. They are the good leader as well as organizers because they’re single-minded which help them focus better with sincerity, responsibility. They also have the negative traits such as stubborn, inhibited and resentful. They sometimes pessimistic. Some other Capricorn traits both positive and negative are discussed below with the brief description:

Capricorn Positive traits

They have the positive traits which is suitable and which describes that they deserve at the top. Have a look below:

Practical: They are known for their practical nature because they have the tendency to make a decision by applying logic and intelligence.

Wise: They are sensible and mutable and do not run away from the fantasies. They have the friends of the faith judgment and seek their advice with the elderly people

Patient: If they set their goal with their hearts they set out to achieve the goals. They have a lot of patience and know that it takes to the materialism.

Cautious: Since they are not impulsive so they avoid to takes the risk which can impact their lives and it can be upsetting. They are cautious about the stability.

Ambitious: They have the full self-confidence and have the patience and always seems too impatient to achieve their goals and this is the secret behind their success. They are ambitious so they want the secure and fruitful life.

Capricorn horoscope, Horoscope capricorn, capricorn traits, capricorn zodiac sign

Capricorn Negative traits

There are some negative traits for the Capricorn such as resentment, impatient which can be impacted or influential and potential for their fruitful lives to know more about the negative traits. These are discussed below:

Stubborn: They have a strong feeling which takes their decision or method perfect and rarely change their views.

Shy: They are sometimes shy at communication but as the time is passed they open with their friends.

Isolated: They have the detached nature and feels good having some alone time. The emotional feeling can not come in them easily.

Capricorn woman Personality

Capricorn horoscope, Horoscope capricorn, capricorn traits, capricorn zodiac signShe wants to to be succeeded whether it is career or the homemaker, they don’t think the halves. Viewpoints and goal-oriented are the general characteristics of this lady. She is modesty, Self-confident, and discipline in the selected areas. She is fun and sexy often to those people who is very close to her. Self- motivated and responsible and patience is the nature of Capricorn women. It is very complicated to understand the lady of this sign and on the early stage of the relationship, the partner is confused from her traits. She is well in semantics and shows the emotions but somehow she may be inhibited in expressing the emotions and gives the preference to the practical work. She is very cautious and does not rush into the anything. She has the incredible background around the society.

Capricorn girl builds respect and trust with others which are very important for her. She deserves the respect and She is humble by nature and follows the relations with dedication. Her love is very grounded but she has the deep emotions which keep her alive to stay on the good higher in the love life. She takes her decision by her feelings. Whenever she chooses her partner it is very necessary to stay loyal for her. The fear which can be instinct on her that is the panic fear. She is serious and strict for her relations and goals. She takes care of herself and never afraid from being alone. She sometimes dedicates herself on the need. She wants a lot of blossoms and it can be seen in the relationship from the beginning.

Capricorn man Personality

Capricorn horoscope, Horoscope capricorn, capricorn traits, capricorn zodiac signHe enjoys his life with the fun and with the respect. He never likes to take orders from others. Capricorn man like that person who is self-confident and discipline and never choose the tottering one. They have the virtue of the royalty and love. When they fall in the love they act strangely because they do not shows the emotions. He behaves strictly with their partner which expected that it is very complicated for them to fall in love. They do not find the true magic of love. They are very stubborn as well as the never compromise with the flexibility. Without being doubtful, they make the decision with honesty and faithfulness. When he loves someone they do anything to make her happy. He mostly does not falls in love because they have the eyes on the summit of goals.

During the dating, they always act right and pay respect to their partner by doing small acts like pay for their behalf, take them home, open the door. During the date, Capricorn boy gives the love who admires him. They are cold and distant. He is actually afraid of the failure or setbacks and strict towards themselves and always remain in the control. He does not want to make the mistake and face consequences on each step which is sometimes profitable for himself and other also. He is reliable and strong, confident. He can be incredibly dedicated towards the goal. The profile of this sign man makes them very romantic which is the main power of them. Since they are very stubborn so they are determinant.

Capricorn compatibility with the other elements

Capricorn horoscope, Horoscope capricorn, capricorn traits, capricorn zodiac sign

Capricorn element: Earth


The elements of the Capricorn is earth which is the reliable and responsible to its sphere. They tend to the conservatism and cautious for their desired. There are more element which has the particular sign of their compatibility. These are discussed below:

Earth element

Capricorn and Taurus compatibility

They both are stiff when they come to the spent life together which makes them a perfect couple. In the combination of other zodiac sign, they can not be open even in the experiment when they get together but this pair knows the intimacy of each other. Capricorn does not require to show off their love and this shows off causes the Taurus hurt. The problem may occur if the Capricorn does not have the deep emotions and trust for the Taurus. They need to love unconditionally from which the Capricorn scares much and  ran away. The lack of the emotions in Capricorn causes the frustrations to the Taurus. Although they have a different nature yet they motivate each other to grow. This is the main reason to make them a perfect couple. They complement each other instead of opposing the sign.


Capricorn and Capricorn compatibility

Since these two sign belongs to the same element and thus they have the similar thoughts and movements as well as skills to do work. So they are the good matches and having the perfect couple in the zodiac sign. they both have deep emotion and understand each other. They have their sexual life fulfill from the cheerful and fruitful happiness. They satisfied each other from the sexual pleasures. reliable, trustworthy possess of strong perseverance and dependably is usual between them. they both try to deeply satisfaction by the restriction who deny themselves. they have high-level love and fortunate for each other. one of them create the mood of the sexuality and linked the bond with them.

Capricorn and Virgo compatibility

they both has the match of the enduring and precisely because of that they both find the constancy and safety in their life so they do not wants to lose someone. However, they may be stiff and strict when they come to the sex. they both have not the lacking of understanding each other. It mostly seems that one dissects the emotions. They both contains the less capacity for it is due to the in and out problems. there is a lot of shyness in them and this goes to the crazy. They both are capable of making an eminent able and creational relation and firmly based relations. Capricorn balances their goal and way to achieve the goals in advance, Virgo is expert and sharp in their abilities and skills. the romance between them is the blossoming flower they both have not the patience to understanding each other.if someone born element of the air or fire listens to talk each other they seem they are boring. they both truly enjoy.they are good and respective date and they can also be the perfect adversary

Capricorn horoscope, Horoscope capricorn, capricorn traits, capricorn zodiac sign

fire sign

Capricorn and Leo compatibility

they haven one thing is normal which is awareness of their selves. the Leo has attracted the Capricorn it will be the rare moments. Often they do not the part of their sexual relations but they both enjoy and chase. but they do not see their production future. Leo is a hot, passionate and affectionate sign but in opposite the Capricorn is the cold and practical sign. Since they are hot and other is cool so they do not see each other run the similar way. the rulers of that sign indicate the conflict of the zodiac sign which causes they fallen down. their life becomes boring and does not have the way in which they enjoy each other except attraction. This problem can be destructive or destroyed if they survive the healthy sexual life and spicing things and share the pleasure and relax of each. the fundamentality have the great difference because each sign has the set of their fundamentality or priority. if they both think and talk to each other with the civilized manner they may be alive the satisfying and fulfilling life. the main problem is that the misunderstanding in the missions and plans which can create the hard or complicated situation for both.

Capricorn and Sagittarius compatibility

It is conceptual in the sex of them. they form the good bond with each other as the time has been passed they both feel they are not together. differences in their traits can be easily handled by the logic. Every Capricorn wants the physical meaning encounters but Sagittarius do not want this because they are almost lazy. if they share the same desire it can appear that how incompatible they are. Having lot of fun in their life can be enjoyable and satisfied for both. Sagittarius is mutable and Capricorn is a cordial sign. Sagittarius is not a good leader or motivated force when they both have an incredible idea. On the first meeting they lightly friendly relations as the meeting being regular their relations also being a minute of togetherness. when they overcome from their situations and the problem they may have the interest to being together and indulges and impatient to make their relationship in a better way.

Capricorn and Aries compatibility

it is very hard to combine in their sexual life. their ruler planet is different and it signifies that their combination is not easy. when they to be trigger deep unconsciousness their relations may be proved. As the everything that comes in the life of the Aeries they can be able to instinct achieve and goals. Due to the unconscious, they both insanely attract each other. They may be safe distant due to the differences. Aries learn about their body and satisfied it. they trust each other. Even there is the misunderstanding in their relationship they do not break up the trust. it is very necessary to remind them of time to time about their bond between them. they contribute themselves on each other dream they satisfied each other. And keep each other in touch but their compatibility not too good but good.

Capricorn horoscope, Horoscope capricorn, capricorn traits, capricorn zodiac sign

Water sign

Capricorn and Scorpio Compatibility

they both become rigid when they come to romance. That is one which makes them a perfect couple. when Capricorn combine with other sign than Scorpio it is very hard to open and feel the experiments, the Capricorn do their best to show how ingenious they are in their sex life. when they come together and intimately get to know each other then they realize the means of the relax. Capricorn does not show off but the Taurus wants to show that they are some thing. Although they are different and motivate each other.

Capricorn and Cancer compatibility

they both are the exalts couples as well as they are dependable, possess and trustworthy. they both having the restricts of not satisfaction. they do not go well sexually., having the threaten bond, can be able to satisfy each other and emotional sense as well. when they both comes to sex they being lost in extremes. During sexuality there can be two probability is occur either they understand each other’s word or they will hit the wall every time. they have the incredible intellectual relations one of them partner can well known about the thinking skills whatever other are thinking. there is no need to talk much because the feeling and mind communication is enough to know the need. they sometimes interested in each other story and lives. if they think in the same situations they both having the same response and which indicates that they both have the same thinking skills.

Capricorn and Pisces compatibility

they have the great importance in their relationship if they both do not be stiff and strict when they come to sex. they are fulfilled from the patience and understanding. the missing shared emotion can be easily found in that couple. they do not like the sex they believe on the love. The couple being lost during sex.they analyze those which not believe in sex. sometimes the shyness may exist and this shyness makes them crazy. The Virgo is known as the well-trusted earth element. the Virgo inspired the Capricorn they can do, as faithful as possible. sometimes they have the need to used each other’s habits and build the trust for both. when they come to talk however it can be boring. the intellectual communication makes them curious, excite and after that informative and incredibly interested.

Capricorn horoscope, Horoscope capricorn, capricorn traits, capricorn zodiac sign


Air sign

Capricorn and Aquarius compatibility

it is believed that the Capricorn is traditional and restriction while Aquarius is opposite. they both are ruled by the same planets. and there will be not silly to understand and similarity of each other. they both have the different pace which is the main problem in their relations. Capricorn is well known about that they easily jump in the sex without attraction and respect another person and wants the best performance when they come finally in sex.there is no lack of the energy between them. the Capricorn needs the physical pleasure and emotions. Aquarius force inhibits and insists nature but the Capricorn have the nature of the resist and deny. Capricorn value boundaries but the Aquarius have the value os freedom. they require the heavenly love and share the idea which arrives them to the cloud and they never landed.

Capricorn and Libra compatibility

when we talk about these two folks the one thing comes to our mind in their relationship that is the waiting. it has been found that they both do no match each other. when they both comes to the sex there is the lack of the sexual activity. Generally, exceptional aptitude between them is that they do not like each other from nature because of the opposite nature. they both find the extremely important for them. In the beginning, there is no attraction they start from the friends which reveal that chemistry between them. If they stop the life of sex they self-esteemed greatly which is the great suffer. This makes them good understand to not follow the mistakes or error steps which can be separated them. Having a high level of trusted between them makes a perfect couple.  Having the ability to satisfied and giving physical pleasures experience.

Capricorn and Gemini compatibility

there are many other activities that require the many words, Capricorn’s endangered opinion of sex is one of them. the likes the outdoor sex, not having the nature of ashamed. it is unaffordable to see these couple in the complete different philosophies and try to proficiency the sex life. Sometimes they both try to hardly attract each other. There will be an incredible chance that Gemini will found stiff. they both reveal each other as a boring whenever conversation may occur. the Gemini politely communicate with other and so they can be easily combined with them.the main problem between them they both do not spark the emotions with one another. they are exempted each other’s glamourous.

Capricorn compatibility with the family and friends

Capricorn horoscope, Horoscope capricorn, capricorn traits, capricorn zodiac sign

As a Father

Capricorn may somewhat be strict with his children. they worried about the career and upbringing for his kids and spoiled the time to discuss their career and opportunity. they give a lot of enough freedom. this could create a lot of the misunderstanding and their relations may be stopped to be developed.

As a Children

they are very reserved their parents try to open with them which makes them a great healthy way to grow. they love and respects their parents and this is not expressed by the readily.

As a Mother

She is also very strict with the kids. she gives the right directions and gives the way to secure his career. And this strictness makes her children distance from them and this intention can be the very wrong impact on her.

As a Friends

The Capricorn born person are very faithful and respectful. they try to solve the problem of their friend and support him. they do not have more friends but they like only those friends which are attached from them.

Capricorn Decan

Capricorn horoscope, Horoscope capricorn, capricorn traits, capricorn zodiac sign

it is the decan which is used to make the natal chart or birth chart by analyzing the position of the planets. it is attached from the strength and behavior. there are some different dates of birth and the description is also given.

Decan 1: December 22 to December 31

the born under this period are very idealistic and professional. they are creative and hence makes the career in the engineering or conductor or in industries.

Decan 2: From January 1 to January 2

they have usually most things which are in his favor. they enjoy both profit and pleasure. they may have the problem of the marriage because of the preoccupied. they are reliable, businessman and perform the best in the communication and top management.

Decan 3: From January 11 to January 20

People belong to this decan are ruled by the planet Mercury and inherit the property of the same.  Capricorn born people who belong to this decan are generally very intelligent and have good communications skills and this is due to the effect of the Mercury.

Capricorn career

Capricorn horoscope, Horoscope capricorn, capricorn traits, capricorn zodiac signCapricorn born people take the career seriously, they see the summit of goals as the mission they drag themselves from bottom to top. once they start they do not look back and ahead of the summit of the goal. they have achieved the goal easily because of the stubborn and indulges nature of them. As they hard work for their goal they satisfied from their achievement. if they paid the less attention than what they feel rather. they want to do the things bigger and better. they are ambitious and their career is secured and can be passed easily they fight against many difficult but they never give up from the problems.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Capricorn horoscope, Horoscope capricorn, capricorn traits, capricorn zodiac signThis sign born people are very fun loving people but when Capricorn in love, they become serious. These sign people are mostly very status -conscious so they choose their partner according to their status.  People belong to this sign don’t give much importance to the compatibility but they believe in how much they had spent with the person together, longer the period so more suitable is the person to be the life partner. As the sign is ruled by the Saturn planet, they behave rudely to their partners when in pressure or when going through the bad phase of life.

How to attract a Capricorn person

Capricorn horoscope, Horoscope capricorn, capricorn traits, capricorn zodiac signBeauty, helps, patience and intellectual rigor are that quality which attracts the Capricorn for the long term. On the first date, the is slow to attach the relationships. they attract to that person who has the attractive look. They find the person which can give him the happiness in their life. they are interested in dreams so they like which is discipline and honorable having the attitude such as the parrot. The attractor should be efficient in all kind of work. Self-esteemed as well as effectively practical.

I hope this article of Horoscope Capricorn can provide you affordable things for your predictions.

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