Libra horoscope: Zodiac sign, Traits and compatibility

It is the seventh zodiac sign. If someone wants to know anything about the Libra horoscope, it is the right place for them. They are fair as well as peaceful. But they don’t like to be alone. For Libra, the partnership is very compulsory. Due to their cooperation and victorious mentality they do not like to stay alone. It is the sign of air, have the intellectual and sharp mind. They are motivated by the inspirational books and Interesting people or success person. This star sign is ruled by the Venus planet which loves the beautiful and glamorous thing. They are attracted towards the arts, Dancing, Music and some other beautiful things. They mostly prefer to work in the team because they are cooperative by nature. They are mostly attracted by the symmetry and balance and generally avoid to be involved in the conflicts, from which one can conclude that they like the peace. They don’t like to live alone and that’s why always likes to do things in a group.

libra horoscope, libra daily horoscope, libra traits

Libra birth dates are from September 23 to October 24. Libra born always thinks to do those things which are profitable for everyone as well as for them. If someone asked them to choose one side, they become confused and however forget their opinions. Libra sun sign is very attentive and sensitive. They try to share their thoughts with others which is due to good personality. They may be annoyed if someone does not obey their orders and announces. They have the tendency to compare with others. People born under this sign have the good sense of humor and shows their best performance when they do the task with the team. They do not get away from the obstacles and have the tendency to fight with the courage which makes them a suited career person. libra people follow the balanced and pleasant life. They focus more towards their desire. They become lazy and this happened when they do the work over time and become stressed out from their work. Let discuss more aboutnLibra here below.

Libra sign meaning

libra horoscope, libra daily horoscope, libra traits

People born under this sign loves being surrounded by the people and likes to interact with them. They believe in finishing things fast and miss out their profit sometimes, and due to which it is the negative point of this sign. Libra symbol is very attentive and focused people. Somehow they have the worthy qualities such as the Moderate, Thoughtful, Cheerful and Affectionate. According to the Libra astrology,  Libra person’s recommended food is the pea, carrot, Almonds, Potato and Tomato. They have the good physical appearance having the oval shaped face, V-shaped chin, having a long neck, soft cheeks, and Dimples. They are mostly of average height and have the risk of gaining the weight in middle age. They love to spend their money on those things which they want. They sometimes run into trouble by wasting money on the unnecessary things. They do not want to indulge in luxuries and believe in living their life simple. It is very vital to keep them away from the alcohol which causes them the obesity at the later stage. A necklace makes them more beautiful and often more smile, as well as graceful walking, gives them a classic look.

They are the planners and having the leadership quality which is suitable for leading any company or group. They have the efficiently to make their best and always achieve the top success in their task. Their cogent gives them their way at any kind of complicated situations. They are quite often attractive and can easily impress their opposite sex. They do not tolerate the setbacks because they always try to give their performance best whatever the situation is, so they have a tendency to perform best again in the setbacks also. It is not easy to say that they are manipulated. In the life-long commitment, they must control the things carefully, are romantic and loyal core. They have the great efficiency as a team organizer.

Libra Personality Traits

libra horoscope, libra daily horoscope, libra traits

Libra born are kind, Gentle, Harmony and peace. They make effort to keep everyone happy so it is very difficult for them to say ‘NO’ to someone and at the end, they possess the stress. They have some positive as well as the negative traits. They have some good and some worst qualities let take the look on the Libra  Traits:

Libra Positive Traits

Tactful: Libra born are tactful and experts in getting done the thing and this doesn’t mean that they are clever. They also prefer to show their emotions to the people who are very close to them.

Romantic: The ruler planet of Libra is the Venus so they are very romantic and love the beautiful things. Whatever they do, it is controlled by the love. If you want to meet their own love the natal chart may help you.

Charming: Libra Traits Female are very polite and choose the appropriate and the concerned topic to talk and discuss these habits make them very happy and make them a charming personality.

Balanced: They have the measurable scale which is neither more or less. They choose the middle way to their pleasure as well as for their surrounding people whatever may be the issue.

Diplomatic: They have the great diplomatic skills which make them think the different point of views and they also have a great deal of the patience.

Libra Negative Traits

Libra man has some negative traits too. Some of  these are discussed below:

Superficial: Libra born easily get away by the outer beautiful and the inner beauty do not impact on it this is the basic traits.

Unreliable: Libra born are easily prone their mind due to other people’s opinions and behavior. they are worried by thinking if someone keeps the promise or not.

Detached: Libra traits born sign are strong and firm. Sometimes they may be pleasant and pretend but they never try to displease someone.

Laid – Back: Though they are energetic and takes the things easy. It does not mean that they are physically lazy but they tend to avoid some stress and difficulty.

Libra woman personality

libra horoscope, libra daily horoscope, libra traits

It is the unique brand of sexy. Libra women are passionate and sociable. She is very charm and having the glamorous look to attract the people especially male. She has the quality of harmony and has the beautiful in all the things. She is very tasteful and sophisticated and never felt gloom. Having a great tendency to solve or gripped the criticism situations,  Libra weakness lies in their attitude. She can be easily depressed because she looks the world as a beautiful and fair but the reality is opposite. She often loves the romance, friendship, and interaction. Having the positive thinking and never being defeated somehow she can be weak at some point when the situation is out of her control. she makes the love both emotionally sophisticated as well. She is completely charming and delightful elegance. She never tries to dominate and gives the respect to their partner if he deserves. During the falling in love, she always lost in their dream king. Dirty things make them depressed feel.

she is very suspicious but she loves their partner as she can. She can do everything to keep their life balanced and try to keep their relations with their family and friends balanced. She takes the unique decision when she thinks deeply about that particular issue. She handles her boss in private because she does not want to produce any negative scene. She has many creative things such as the Dancing, Music, and artist and very fond of the singing, Playing etc. Libra woman keeps their voice humble about the work than the yelling at friends. Since she leads the peace so she does not notice when the scene is going in front of her between friends or coworkers, she mostly avoids these type of situation. She has the sharp glance, surprising focus, and the sharp memory. Due to this quality, she never struggles to remember about some little or more details. She has the unique character that she keep everyone happy and balance the life as possible as she can. During their teenage age, she becomes very efficient in the drama so she participates in the drama club.

Libra Man personality

libra horoscope, libra daily horoscope, libra traits

They have some attractive personality such as charming, sexy look, they know the Flirtatious ways. He is the perfectly balanced specimen. He is the sign of equality, justice, and Partnership. Being a good communicator is one of the  Libra characteristics. They try to stay on an overturn. A Libra man thinks to do better from which everyone gets the profit. He is very fascist and dislikes the conflict. It is one which satisfied every people in their surrounding as well as their friends and family. He hates the violence and the conflict in general. They are very intellectual and likes to communicate with the other people. They do not waste their time on the non-interesting and non-important topic. By sharing his ideas with others, this gives them the self-confidence and his charisma. They want the participation in the activity and for that, he picks his own friends and it easily makes them annoyed if someone friends denied going with him.

Libra born people are very loyal, creative as well as sensitive. They make the perfect efforts to happy his family. They love their family and friends and never want to lose them at any condition. It has been found that they may easily fall in love. He wants to be balanced but he can’t when they fall in love. He issues a decision with deep thinking whether the people likes this or not. Mostly they take their decision in the favor of the people. They have the perfect sense of the debates and possess the weight of merits and demerits. He has the more focus on the career and the strategy to achieve the goal. They are an intrinsically motivated individual. The Venus rule the Libra born man which is the ambassador and goddess of love. He quickly indulge towards the beautiful things such as Jewels, Sleek cars, and shiny gadgets. They become very temper when they achieve the desired goal.

Libra eminent personalities

The famous celebrities who belong to this sign are will smith, Kate Winslet, Amitabh Bachchan, Ralph Lauren, Eminem, Kim Kardashian etc.

Libra Compatible sign with another element

Libra Element: Air

This is an element which is connected to the other elements. They are relevant as they may be invisible. It is the circle of the sun. They generally create the problem by fitting with others. They can have the efficiency to solve the situations as done by the Air. Let’s know Libra matches with other signs:

libra horoscope, libra daily horoscope, libra traits

Libra and Aquarius compatibility

They share a lot of similarity with their partner in their relations. They both socialize and due to which they make the friends easily. Aquarius can help to express their inner beauty. When they both comes to romance, the Aquarius do not follow the anyone opinion. The Aquarius likes to lives their life in constant freedom and do not wants any kind of restrictions and taboos and this makes Libra very jealous when they see them enjoying with others. They, bare the one which can be fit in the life of the Libra. They are very free to express their sexual desire from each other. They like the experiment, same desire and communicate with ease. Their sexual relations can be strong by understanding each others feeling and emotions.

Libra and Libra compatibility

They both have the relationship as the tasteful and of understanding behavior. When they come to cross the line of being life partner then there may be problem occur. It is very important to moderate in their love life. This will help them to build their strong relations. If they do not try to make the strong relation which causes one of them may be jumping from the daily routine. They both could have the problems with initiative and  when this obstacle comes, it is impossible to overcome. They both do not know how many times they break up to make the trust. The uncertain things may happen when they both come start to understand each other. They try to communicate with the emotions and intellectually but their efforts is a waste.

Libra and Gemini compatibility

Gemini comes in the Libra compatible signs. Gemini and Libra are the elements of the air so they start the good connection and verbal understanding. When they come to romance, they can communicate easily and enjoy the bonding between them. They understood how the things can be less serious and this will help them to open up and share the emotions. The main goal of this couple is in fact to balance the emotions. The base of good love life is their curiosity about their partner as much as the Gemini is also curious. When the Libra wants to make the relation with other then it is impossible for the Libra to forget their earlier partner. When they choose their partner they choose their character and straight forward nature.

libra horoscope, libra daily horoscope, libra traits

Water sign

Libra and Scorpio compatibility

This is the true couple pair and intense relations can be made easily, challenging at the same time. They both are linked due to the animalistic natures. They both have the complex relations of love since they both are ruled by the planet of Venus and Mars. Their relationship life is emotional and incredibly demanding. If the Libra goes to the spontaneous nature of the animalistic, it doesn’t make any of them happy. They try to make their relations more tied which will become impossible to break. This tiredness produces due to the physical contact and relationship may be tied when no one is happy. The Scorpio do not trust on Libra easily. Since Libra is sensual and attractive, it rests the whole world.

Libra and Cancer compatibility

They both seem apart on the first glance. The planet Mars can be trouble which is the sign of the lack of the passion and initiative in their love life. However, the tactful and tasteful nature can be really relaxing for both. Their relations can be improved if they spend the time. The Libra is the Water element which is patience and nice so it takes the time while cancer has the problem and fast so it is difficult to adjust them. Cancer can be easily emotional but the Libra is not much emotional. The cancer is the person which keeps away from the society while the Libra shows the affection towards the society. Libra is the romantic and cancer is unrealistic, therefore, it has been found that the trust between them is very strong.

Libra and Pisces compatibility

The Libra and Pisces has nothing in common. They found the true love and satisfaction in being together. It is very hard to believe that they can be not live away from each other.  They preferred the deep bonding and understanding between them and which is not the different connective natures. The Libra partner wants the confident and passionate partner but the Pisces are the gentle and compassionate and aware of their feelings. Libra wants the satisfaction and excited rapidly. They do not share each other their secret which is the indication of the lack of the trust. They both loves each other and can have great bonding if they both have the tend to know and understand each other’s feelings and emotions.

libra horoscope, libra daily horoscope, libra traits


Earth sign

Libra and Taurus compatibility

They both are the kick for the relations and represents the different characteristics. The Taurus tries to comfort and relies on the sense of touch and taste. They both have the main difference of the planet which can create the problem. Taurus likes the tenderness and the stiffness of the Libra girl.  The Libra people’s trust can be broken if they both do not follow the each other instructions. They can be stuck and have the ability to make the exceptional aptitude to satisfied each other. Their communicating skills is crazy. The Libra is never doubtful and challenging their partner. In most of the cases, they both end up the relations.

Libra and Capricorn compatibility

When we talk about both of them, one thing comes to our mind and that is waiting. When they come for relation then there is the lack of the basic romance. They give the more importance for the sex lives. Libra person do not attract towards their partner rather their relations starts from the friendship only to feel that there is no chemistry between them. This is the combinations of the outer circumstances and possesses that this is out of control from them. In the relationship, they are extremely in pressure sometimes and their self – esteem can suffer greatly. Sometimes you will find good understanding between them and this flame is due to the Saturn’s exaltation in Libra. Since they overcome from the obstacle and forms the strong linking in their relations according to their personal natal position.

Libra and Virgo compatibility

The relation between this couple is generally not good at the starting. Virgo has the shy nature. Being crazy for each other, one of the person tries to keep things clean. Often they both do not attract each other. When they both trapped in the love they face a lot of challenging speed. Virgo wants to move slowly and this makes Libra lazy. Though they have the quality of the mutuality so they are pretty adaptable. If they both don’t  build the good bonding, it may end up unsatisfied. There is the stress between them because they do not understand the each other primal natures. Thus it is not the issue of the trust but it comes down to settles with some chit chat.  They understand each other perfectly and they claim to take the responsibility and seriousness in life matters.

libra horoscope, libra daily horoscope, libra traits

fire sign

Libra and Leo compatibility

Leo are the confident and Libra is easily attracted by the Leo personality. But they face the trust issues in the relationship at the later stages. Leo is ruled by the sun which makes them dominating while Libra boy loves the equality. But when in the problem, they both are good in supporting their partners which make them pair suitable for being the partner.

Libra and Sagittarius compatibility

The relationship of Libra and Sagittarius is normal. they respect each other’s emotions but sometimes face trust issues also. They don’t agree easily on each other when they need to do things together. But they are considered most compatible signs when their emotional side is seen. Sagittarius has childish nature while Libra are soft spoken but Sagittarius this nature make them fall for them. Lets find out more about libra’s compatibility in other relationship.

Libra compatibility with Friends and Family


libra horoscope, libra daily horoscope, libra traits

Here we will discuss the how Libra is in the different relationship, hope they fulfill their responsibility as a friend or mother or father etc.

Let’s find out more:


Libra as a Father

Libra as a father are very patience and they believe in helping the child rather than scolding for the mistakes. that’s why they are the coolest dad among all the zodiac sign. They look confident when talking to their child and this makes their children more energetic and motivated towards their goal. they don’t force their decisions on their child but help them in taking every decision of their life. Libra strength lies in their children only.

Libra as a Mother

Mothers who are born under the Libra sign are the confident lady and never let their children depressed or unmotivated. They are very conscious about their child’s overall development from the early childhood and that’s why she spend most of their energy in teaching good manners to their child.

Libra as a Child

Libra as a child loves the freedom whether it is choosing their career path or choosing the life partner. They need their parent to help them but always want to decide on their own and due to this sometimes they don’t listen to their parents and make them crazy. But if they are guided rightly, they can achieve anything with their strong determination.

Libra as a lover

Libra who is ruled by the Venus planet are the great lover. They don’t get attracted to anyone easily but when they do they take it as the long term and serious relationship/ they always respect their partner’s decisions and choices and always encourage them towards completing their goal.

Libra Decan

libra horoscope, libra daily horoscope, libra traits

Here we will discuss personality of the people belongs to different decan of the Libra.  Let’s have a look:

Virgo Decan 1: Born between September 23 to October 3

People born in between above date comes in Libra decan 1 and this decan is ruled by the Venus. They are attractive as well as charming so everyone is easily attracted to them. Due to their personality, they have very good impression in the society.

Virgo Decan 2: Born between October 4 and October 13

People born in between above date comes in Libra decan 2 and this decan is ruled by the 2 planets, Saturn and Uranus. The people belong to this decan are strong and intellectual like the Saturn. they have very great decision making power.

Virgo Decan 3: Born between October 14 to October 22

People born in between above date comes in Libra decan 3 and this decan is ruled by the Mercury. They are the very good communicator and have very good knowledge gaining power and all this is due to their curious nature. They are avid attention lover and do the thing to gain it that’s why they are very likable in the society.

Libra Love Horoscope

libra horoscope, libra daily horoscope, libra traits

People who belong to this sign are very peaceful in nature. Being ruled by planet Venus they are the lover of beautiful people and things. Libra in love give importance to the quality than the quantity that’s why they don’t, get into the relationship easily and once they get into, that will be their final call. also they choose a partner who is perfect in every way. Due to Venus planet, they are the lover of music and art that’s why they like to express their love through music or dance or art. So most of the time they end up proposing their partner in different ways that can make anyone jealous of them.  People born under this sign like to have a relationship in which both partners have equal rights because they don’t like to dominate and strongly believe in the equality. Due to this nature, they always include their partner in every decision but the bad side of this nature is that sometimes they start following other person’s choices only and forget that they also have their opinion and regret later. And after some time, they start feeling unwanted and this is the point where the problem starts. so It’s my advice for you people don’t drag your relationship to this position.

How to attract Libra

libra horoscope, libra daily horoscope, libra traits

Till now we have discussed the personality traits, compatibility and likes and dislikes of the people born under Libra. Now let’s talk about how anyone can impress a Libra. Its very simple if you know their personality traits which we have discussed at the starting if the article. These people are art and music lover and can be easily impressed by these qualities easily because they not only like art and music but appreciate others work too. Apart from this, they like beautiful things so they love to be with someone who is attractive and beautiful. They are also attracted to the confident people. So if you want to impress Libra people, look confident in front of them. if you want to impress and Libra girl, just treat her like the princess and trust me your work will be done. Don’t try to be over dramatic, just be yourself to be with Libra and enjoy togetherness.

If you want to know more about Libra personalities, view video:

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