Pisces horoscope: Zodiac sign, Traits and Compatibility

It is the last zodiac sign out of 12 signs and is the element of the water. If you have reach to this place while searching for Pisces Horoscope then you will not get disappointed. This article includes the Pisces zodiac sign details like compatibility of this sign with other signs. The other information included are love horoscope, strength, positive and negative traits. This sign has mutable quality because it is ruled by the Neptune and Jupiter and is mostly compatible with Virgo and Taurus sun sign. The people belong to this sign are compassionate, artistic, musical and wise as well as also has the weakness of the trusting easily, getting sad easily. Since they are often friendly and hence like to be in the different company with the different people. They are selfless and hence always willing to help others.

Pisces Horoscope, Pisces traits, Pisces zodiac sign,

The Pisces birth dates are February 20 to March 20. Pisces born people likes the alone time, sleeping, romance, media music and swimming. They dislike the cruelty, criticized. They always help other with this expectation that they do not get back in turn of the help. This is the sign of the water element so it has the traits of the emotional capacity and empathy as well. They are intuitive and have the artistic talent. They are connected with the music from the early stage of the life. They are caring, Faithful as well as extremely compassionate. Pisces born are very intuitive and have the understanding of the life cycle and obtained the emotional terms with the other beings easily. Pisces are known for their intelligence, but the Uranus impact upon them due to which they become the martyr in the order of the attention. They are forgiving and always judgemental and also known for the tolerant from the all Zodiac sign.

Let’s discussed more of the Pisces in detail which is given below. It contains the meaning of the Pisces, traits, man and woman personality, compatibility with each element and their signs, compatibility with the family and friends, Pisces career, how to attract a Pisces and Pisces love horoscope.

Pisces sign meaning

Pisces Horoscope, Pisces traits, Pisces zodiac sign,

Pisces months are February and March. This is the sign of the fish which prompt the others and indicate to be all together and suggest to go with the flow and don’t make the wave. These labels are true and can be seen in the Pisces people. They are gentle caring and become best friends, imaginational, creative and dedication person. Once they commit to the things, they complete that commitment efficiently and effectively. People belong to this sign are sensitive but very talented. They have the vision to accomplish their dreams. They may be pessimistic if they fade and go to the wrong way from their goals. They somewhat may be insincere and weak but carry more talent which is not found in other signs easily. Confused and lost in the human race, always thinks about far and beyond. They always have a great idea in their mind which helps them to be the successful man. They can stay lonely and have the expressions towards the people. Pisces born folks have the capability to make impossible being possible. They have their imaginary world which converts them in the reality. They feel comfortable in the illusory world. They are focused on their spiritual world and are rigid and stiff by nature. Without any agitations, they like the confrontations. Pisces symbol is the pair of fish in the different direction. They like the roundabouts and mostly avoid being the part of serious conflicts.  They foster the feeling of security and coziness around them. They can see their career in nurturers.

Pisces personality traits

Pisces Horoscope, Pisces traits, Pisces zodiac sign,

Now let me tell you something about the Pisces Traits. The personality outshines from them. They are strong, firm and determinant. Having traits of loving, caring and creativity makes them perfect. Every sign has the positive and negative traits which can exist in common people so the Pisces also belongs to this community. They are respectful, tolerated. Some negative and positive traits are described below in details:

Pisces Positive traits

Kind: They are very polite and gentle person who always want to be treated with respect and also treats other as they are treated.

Compassionate: The Pisces born individuals are very helpful. They have the feeling for other and try to help them to solve their problems.

Imaginative: They are very creative as well as imaginative and think about the essence. Their imagination uplifts them on the higher levels.

Sensitive: They are civilized, gentle and affectionate. When they fail, it has the deep impact on them and has the extreme feeling regarding this matter.

Selfless: The people belong to fish sign are selfless and this does not trowel the others.

Pisces Negative traits

The fish sign also has the negative traits which are described below:

Escapist: They have the tendency of escapism. When they go in the wrong way, they blame on other things like bad luck or the individual which guided them.

Idealistic: They are very idealistic and fussy by nature. Somewhat the best work can be mediocre for them.

Lazy: The fish is often lazy but this laziness is for short time. Their enthusiasm and energy has no level but this is all for short time.

Pessimistic: If the work is not turn off according to the Pisces will, the folks may be unmotivated. They look the negative things over the positive things.

Pisces woman personality

Pisces Horoscope, Pisces traits, Pisces zodiac sign,She is very sensitive and delicate woman knows every trend as well. She has the irresistible charm and glamor. Pisces women are a totally girly girl. She wants those men who protect her and help her. She likes the man which can control her pre-feminist and pre-modern times. She is inspired and mesmerized person. She enjoys the moment of the rush and has the attention towards their desires. Whenever she falls in the love, she thinks she is like a little child and her partner may have the feeling like that. She has the beautiful smile and attractive nature. She would possess the energy of the motivations when someone reminds her to acquire their desired goal. Pisces born woman has the emotions and energy. She becomes childish when she comes to the sex. She feels the bare naked from the inside. For her romance, she needs the partner which gives satisfaction and feels her intimacy. When the Pisces born woman feel irritated when someone is creative as well as gladly experiments and try to new things.

Pisces man personality

Pisces Horoscope, Pisces traits, Pisces zodiac sign,The Pisces is the last zodiac sign and it is the old soul. The Pisces man never becomes pessimistic when they possess any setback because they are very strong and determinant person. These men always fall in love having the indulges to survive a new life with their partner. Their every relationship is different from the previous one. Whenever they fall in love they fly high as well they do not think of anyone else. Out of romance, they have thoughts about happy life with fulfilled goal. He would love with full of the heart. They always think to spend his time with his partner. They neither leave or abandoned their love whenever breakup exists. They are the one which can easily follow the opinions of other men. Satisfaction is one of the major factors for them. The society has the certain expectation with the Pisces man. They have the full talent and can do anything to possess their partner love. The true love of the Pisces man displayed through the sex. They respect the body of their partner and love their partner very much with their indulges and dedicate everything for her. In the relationship, they are devoted for their terms as long as there is the excitement for their relationship of motions feels. They accept their partner as they are. This sign people’s partners are often not cared them, but this sign people cared her to the end of life. Their agreement and reliable could be changed on an hourly basis. This can be annoying and reason behind it is excitement which may be the cause to ceasing them. They know how should be deal with their lovers. Pisces boy truth challenges their partner. If they make compatibility with the fire sign they possess the proactive and straightforward nature. When they feel unimportant by their partner, it can be fearful for their partner. He feels cherished and wants to love. They make clear what should be done with their partner and guide her. They go with the soft materials and smell, touch for his senses to awaken. They sometimes show the weak feeling of the emotions which can make your partner frustrated and they can be sick from you soon.

Pisces Eminent Personalities

The celebrities who belong to Pisces star sign are Rihanna, Albert Einstein, Justin Bieber, Steve Jobs, Eva Mandes, Daniel Craig, Timberland, Dr. Seuss etc. If you will look closely then you will find these personality traits in these celebrities for sure.

Pisces compatibility with another element

Pisces element: Water

It is the twelfth sign and it is the final sign of the zodiacal sign. Many of these people belong to zodiac sign are happiest person with always have the smile on his face. These folks are spiritual and selfless as well as believe in the inner journey. Pisces sun sign is generous and they also have the great feeling. They fall in talk with full moon preceding to create their love. They are the water element. They know it all, Criticized easily but don’t panic easily. Pisces are friendly. They find their different personality with different peoples. They are willing to get anything and without hope, they get anything back. They show the empathy and emotional feeling.

Water sign

Pisces and Scorpio compatibility

The Pisces and Scorpio understand each other and cheer their partner. Both signs of water are mostly emotional sign of the zodiac. They have an anxious feeling. It is the intuitive nature strongly founded on the base of shares emotional strength. They are very light in personality. They know the pleasure when they both go for sex. They are very attractive but Pisces born are very glamor, attractive and impressive. Scorpio is the crabs so they are proudy because they think they are balancing the whole relationship. The inner journey, the spiritual quest, and emotions have a lot of certainties.

Pisces and Pisces compatibility

This sign has the Unique characteristics. It is the land of the list. This sign has the mixed nature. Pisces are kind of nature, little wrap to their feeling. Pisces are the kind of heart and generous to help their needy. They attract each other by their best qualities. Pisces like to involve each other in every decision made. They both are of same sign. As the two Pisces are the same element so they have intense part of sexuality. They can be a bit rough of their sensitivity and other Pisces partner. On the other hand, it is the sign of the orgasm, strange sexual relationship. If they understand emotions then they can have long term relationships.

Pisces and Cancer compatibility

They may be most flexible and attract each other with an effort. They are the intellectual ones together. Pisces and cancer can be brought together when they come to romance. Their sexual emotions have the primary emotions. The Pisces are of good nature but cancer has the aggressive nature. They could be the dishonesty sometimes but they talk with each other to solve it. They care and pleasure their parents with all of their heart. They make their life full from happiness and attractive. The Pisces are of changing nature and tend to make their healthy relationship. Pisces has the beauty of the connection. They share the respect for each other and cherish each other’s respect. They inspired, creative and sensitive’s about each other.

Pisces Horoscope, Pisces traits, Pisces zodiac sign,

Air Sign

Pisces and Aquarius compatibility

Initially, they both loves each other. According to the Pisces personality, they will acquire the fun and like to live with Aquarius. Pisces are compassionate, try to take Aquarian to their dreamlands. Perhaps, Aquarians are aggressive but they can be attractive and have the glamorous look. They love the each other company and their whole life is spent with the enjoyment. They have the strong link between them. Things will never be boring. The Pisces has the concentration and excitement towards the sex. The Aquarius fascinated to follow them. The beauty of their sex life has the creative, play of emotions and overall everlasting the questioning and having the emotions for their entire life.

Pisces and Libra compatibility

They both have nothing in common. However, their ruled planets are different so their compatibility takes a lot of time to be considered and thus as a result, feeling each other developed very late. The Pisces wants to attract but due to the confidence of their ego, it creates many problems. They possess many different elements which can be neither be held for the long terms. Their relationship is not aware before. According to the Pisces astrology, the Pisces are ruled by the Venus planet so it would be very difficult to create the perfect link of the relationship between them. Libra partner wants someone strong, determinant and romantic. Whereas the Pisces-born is Selfish and strict. But to more information, it is necessary to create the Natal or birth chart.

Pisces and Gemini compatibility

The Gemini has the good things to create the Pisces’s approach to make relations. They find the short of the intimation to create the connection with the Pisces. They can attract each other. But the problems occur when they both do not follow each other’s instructions but also respects each other’s body. They both are ruled by the mercury and Jupiter. Because of different ruler planet, their compatibility does not match. The sex is the one which may help them to develop the incredible relationship. Gemini will not possess the attractive look but also opposes them. The Pisces are simple and Pisces born to know how to look glamorous and get in their dream world. If their sex life tends to make their relationship functional then their relation will be continued.

Pisces Horoscope, Pisces traits, Pisces zodiac sign,

fire Sign

Pisces and Leo compatibility

They both are the ruler of his family. The Pisces never wants their back seated. Pisces are the one which makes their satisfied decision with the Lions. They show their others that how to make their relations incredible. They are the one which takes the relation as the attraction but they must be thinking about their future. Leo is the one which does not blurt but also their Kindness makes relations easy.

Pisces and Sagittarius compatibility

When they come together in the relationship, they enjoy each other’s company by make fun of them, chilling. For these two signs, they both have no creativity, scenery, changes of levels and intimacy. They both easily lost in their partner’s love and have excitement towards their love life. They both are generally stubborn but realize this fact at the later stage. The best thing about their relationship is that they share their positive laughter. Since they both are ruled by the Jupiter so they make their love incredible and build a strong relation.

Pisces and Aries compatibility

When they both comes together, they are the perfect match. They both get the trouble in building connection at the starting. Their relation is like as the half-death of view, because they both do not attract each other more. Since there are many dislikes in between them may exist. They both have the dual nature, so it is very hard to bond them as well as it is much hard to transcend. They go beyond for their physical appearance. It is very difficult for them to understand each other’s emotional level but they manage to build a strong relation at last.

Pisces Horoscope, Pisces traits, Pisces zodiac sign,

Earth sign

Pisces and Taurus compatibility

They both comes together for the pleasure. Taurus has the art of the lovemaking, sensuality, and tenderness. They both find the term of the pleasure but whenever they try, at last, they feel that they are not made for each other. They make efforts to make lost in each other. Having the ability to make every dreams real motivate them to go ahead.

Pisces and Capricorn compatibility

There is no another way to keep them quite they have the tend for their relationship. Having the ability to make their relations at the top so they are also known as the best couple in the whole zodiac signs. Their relations depend on their trust. Their trust between them is very strong and incredible as well. They are focused on their flexibility, extremely strictly and emotional brief but they are confident.

Pisces and Virgo compatibility

The sex life between them is the reason of continuing the relationship when their traits are unexplainable. The Pisces strength is that they have the deep emotion towards their partner while the Virgo has the simple emotions. This is not the matter of the compassion, but they have their deep truth. Their love life has the spontaneous ways. While Pisces has the tend to make them as the low affections and find the contact to show them. Capricorn would feel the more casual and the Pisces gathered to their inner deep feelings. They have the more emotions and try to show it by the making love. They both have the strong quantities but have the lot wrong too like they do not feel the each other’s intimacy.

Pisces compatibility with the Friends and Family

Pisces Horoscope, Pisces traits, Pisces zodiac sign,

As a Father

According to Pisces traits male belong to this sign are the well matched and have the incredible relationship with their children. For their healthy relationship they never ran away from their child when any difficulty is occur  and at last, they find the way to solve it. They communicate and understand each other well. People belong to pisces are more realistic and cold but they are very complicated to know each other.

As a Mother

The mother of this zodiac sign are very kind and always try to give the right way to their child. However, she becomes sometimes strict when her child does not follow their guidance but that is also for their child well being. They are sentimental, devoted and stay firm. She does not want anything from their children but she only wants that her children should be happy. The mothers of this sign are attached to their children and make efforts to make success in their life.

As children

The Pisces-born are very sincere and attractive. They are obedient to their parents and follow their path. They are capable of making their friends but they still make the best friend with their parents. They are deeply attached to their parents and family.

As a Lover

The Pisces lover nature towards their partner is incredible and affectionate. The pieces attract their lover with the effort to make them as a kind of goodwill to their prestigious. Since the Pisces lovers are very concerned towards their partner but somehow they divert their mind to other but they have the pre-feminist modern times but they always took the positive thinking that what should be done for their exalts.

As a Friends

The Pisces friends give the right guidance to their friends as well as make a lot of the essential but they still convert their friends to make their way. They always help their friends with in any problems. This is the tempered combinations. They are highly compatible but they are not the one who does not make the efforts for their friends.

Pisces Decan

The decan tells about the information about the time and place of the planet. According to the astrologers, the decan depends on the position of the sun and moon. The Planet mostly has their particular place when they come on their different they being an assumption. There are Decan wise detail of the Pisces qualities which is given below:

Decan 1: Born between 19 February to 29 February

Their planetary are ruled by the Venus. They are very stubborn and fixed the purpose. They have the vision but it may be largely impractical.The Dean has a spirituality, sudden power and tends to make efforts for their works if they have the desire. They also tend to follow all those things which are impossible.

Decan 2: Born between 1 March and 10 March

They are ruled by the planet Moon. They have a wonderful power as well as have the tendency to make their reliability count. They withdraw at a certain time. It is very necessary for them to make their home atmosphere happy and exciting.

Decan 3: born between 11 March and 22 March

They are ruled by the Mars planets. They very well know, how can succeed in their life. Nonetheless, give them a great energy and they tend to give the successive views on any topic. They are very stubborn but have positive approach to change impossible into the possible.

Pisces Love Horoscope

Pisces Horoscope, Pisces traits, Pisces zodiac sign,They have the large potential to make their love as well as have the perfect attraction they have the good match with the whole horoscope because of that they are not to be very stubborn.They are very romantic and have the tendency to make the eliminations for their lovers. Pisces born can dedicate their survival for their lovers. They are ruled by the Neptune planets. They have the symbol of the fish which is swimming together in opposite directions. They are very sweet by nature that sometimes they start to love their enemy also and this can get them trouble sometimes. They like and believe in the concept of the deep love but are generally afraid of the commitment word and sometimes this fear comes from their past bad relationship experiences.  As the symbol is the fish, Pisces in love dive in from one relation to another very fast and sometimes this shows their bad image but they don’t care about that as they know they are not doing anything wrong with the other person. Sometimes Pisces women don’t want to speak and want their partner to read their mind by itself and get frustrated easily when not getting what they want. In this type of situation remember that nobody in the world can read mind so try to talk directly about your needs. Pisces love to spend holidays on hill station with their partner.

How to attract Pisces

Pisces Horoscope, Pisces traits, Pisces zodiac sign,Till now we have discussed the people belong to star sign Pisces. Here we are going to discuss how to attract a person who belongs to the Pisces. Some of the hints we can take from their personality traits also, like they are incredibly romantic and caring so they have the tendency to search for the serious relationship and if you are looking for just for fun type of relationship then they will know it and it will be impossible for you to attract them. Apart from this if you are also looking for the serious relationship, then you have to fall in deeply in love with them in order to win their heart. This is because they don’t love lightly and believe in the relationship which is built on mutual affection. If you will shower the love and respect on them they will easily fall for you. they are a bit dreamer so they believe love as a dream house in which they and their partner spent their whole of the life without any worries and sometimes this troubles them as they neglect the real problems of the relationship in the real world. So you have to make sure that they don’t get too much into their dream world.  They are the very generous person and find this in their partner too that’s why they notice their partner’s behavior towards other people or things. So if they see you doing simple help for anyone, only that can make them fall for you. The Pisces characteristics depict that Pisces don’t need big things; your small kindness can make them consider you as their life partner.

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Here we have discussed many personality traits of the Horoscope Pisces. If you or your friend belong to this sign, then you must have related it to their personality. If you have any further query or doubt you can contact us through comment box given below. Hope you have found this article useful.

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