Sagittarius horoscope: zodiac sign, Traits and compatibility

It is the ninth sign of the zodiac sign. If you belong to this sign searching for Sagittarius Horoscope then your search is over now. The Sagittarius are very curious and energetic in the whole zodiac sign. their philosophical views and open minds fascinate them to the wander around to know the meaning of life. They like the change, enthusiastic as well as optimistic. They have the tendency to place their thoughts in their solid action and they do their best to achieved their desired goals. As the other Fire sign likes to live in touch with the world and experience the world as much as possible.

Sagittarius horoscope, Sagittarius love horoscope, Sagittarius traits

Sagittarius sun sign ruler is the Jupiter. They have no bound for their enthusiasm So those born under this sign has the great intense curiosity as well as humor sense. Independent is their unique things because it gives them the freedom to explore Philosophies and different culture. due to their honesty they always impatient and tactless to say something or do something, therefore, it is very vital to express the views in the socially acceptable ways.They are very funny and enjoy the alteration in their life and culture. it is caused by which they acquire the more friends in the surrounding, Love to laugh. Their lucky number is the 3, 7, 9, 12, 22. Their greatest love compatibility with the Taurus and Gemini.

They dislike the clingy persons and being constrained. Sagittarius born between 22 November to 21 December and dates between this period are known as the Sagittarius birth dates. They have the weakness they make a promise than expected from delivering and Indulges. They are creative and not from them who lecture. When it comes to the family they dedicate themselves. They have the witty knowledge mostly technically. They have the strength of good sense of humor, Generous and idealistic. They have the quality of mutual. They are very loyal and dedicate towards their goal they always stay at their top at any task they always try to do their excellent at any stream. Sagittarius born also be faithful. They want their partner very intellectual and expressive as well. They have the visualize mind they can do a thing from which they reach the goals. They like the different task and dynamic atmosphere. They do not hesitate to spend the money. Let discuss more Sagittarius more below:

Sagittarius sign meaning

Sagittarius horoscope, Sagittarius love horoscope, Sagittarius traits

It is ruled by the straight-shooting archer. Sagittarius manifest their energy by the travel and truth seeking. Sagittarius makes hungry to expand and learn the, Departed us on the station to determine the adventure of the existence. They motivated the symposia and debated on the deep aspect of life. They are the well-adjusted person and no emotional problem can keep them back.They want to share their emotions and feelings before the world. November and December are known as the Sagittarius months.  someone may be hurt by their commitment but they don’t care. They are here for the wisdom, Explore and learn. Sagittarius has some problem when it takes too long to complete they want the immediate result and goes to the next project if it takes more time. They are not lazy but this is due to the boredom and possess the special time for the relationship. they concentrate on their task whatever they do at that moment. they are the good worker and they complete the task drop with fatigue. Thay will up and having the indulge in doing more and with the best performance. They are very outspoken individual due to this they are blunt and frank.

Under this sign born person are deeply and a good thinker, Mostly like to big picture on the time. they also like it if someone praises about them. The probability on the success stream is the business but they do not feel confine at one line. Thay may have the effort towards the family. They take the decision efficiently as well as effectively. One difficulty may exist between their relationship is that they are faithful to two people at once. they mostly suffered from rheumatism than another disease. Lacking in the prejudice and broad minded fascinated even on the strange person. Sagittarius symbol is moody. Despite independent, they have emotions for their partner. they can be hurtful because of their outspoken. their most of the lucky color is the red, violet. they sometimes not well – versed to handle the life.

Sagittarius Personality traits

Since they are independent as well as hurtful so these two causes are the positive and negative traits every zodiac sign has the positive and negative traits. So the Sagittarius is one of them. Both Sagittarius traits are discussed below:

Sagittarius horoscope, Sagittarius love horoscope, Sagittarius traits

Sagittarius Positive traits

The Sagittarius born are always thinks from the brighter side and optimistic. this is best which give the help in the critical or complicated situation.there are more positive traits which are discussed below:

Ahead toward: Star sign Sagittarius always speak the cruel fact. The truth sometimes hurt and piss metrics the people.

Intellectual: They are very curious to learn any subject and impressed other by their suggestions and conversation so we can conclude that they are intelligent.

Glamorous hearted: Since they are generous so they can wander from their way to help other in achieving goals and survives the comfortable life.

Adventurous: They are very adventurous and never shy on an adventure and taking risk of the excitement and enjoy the alive.

Philosophical: They are philosophical so they have the sense of wrong and right. Love the alteration of the mental views

Sagittarius Negative traits

They have the negative traits too which may be critical and risky for their alive which is discussed below:

Careless: They are careless since they are prone to taking the granted things. This attracts the criticism of the people. If someone Sagittarius born person occurs the problem in their romantic life due to careless it can be solved by making the natal chart.

Uncivilized: They are an uncivilized person because the brutal conversation hurt the people so the tactful lesson can learn about the civilized.

Indulges: Under born in the sign person are very prone to do the work restless sometimes they push the task so far especially when their energy is not channelised.

Over – confidence: They may be over confidence especially a Sagittarius boy. They think they do right but at the end create many mistakes which may be harmful at the beginning of their career.

Superficial: The Outer look is the means that a lot of them. they have not the patience or blend to see downward or actual substance.

Sagittarius woman personality

Sagittarius horoscope, Sagittarius love horoscope, Sagittarius traits

If someone wants to impressed Sagittarius woman it is very important to know about the nature and quality of her. So this is about the Sagittarius trait female which is below in details:

She is very chatter and sometimes her chatter annoys the people. Liberty is the appropriate keyword for her. She has the glamorous look in the world. If she is in the life of someone he will be glad due to her. She convinced her partner in a difficult situation from this she is intellectual as well. She wants to learn as much as possible. She has the ideally thoughts to knowing that the world takes place better if the world is educated from the math or languages but also the various cultures. Her traits show that she is anything except narrow-minded. she takes more time to talk any folks.she likes the interesting people and having a lot of source knowledge. she is attracted towards the friends whose has different ethnic and social background. she is philosophical.

Sagittarius women thinks that she can learn more from these people due to which she travel far away from her life. she joins the peace corps and educated others. She likes the teach more about the truth of the world. She doesn’t convert that person who has not outside points of view. she wants those friends as broad mind as she often does. she does not afraid that person which is in the stubborn in their way either it is wrong or right. She dislikes that person who is sexist, Racist. She does not care if she hearts such kind of people. she wants those fresh minded people like herself.she does not wants to be bossed or ordered in the marriageable life. Fickleness and weakness in her partner can not be tolerated by her.

Sagittarius Man Personality

Sagittarius horoscope, Sagittarius love horoscope, Sagittarius traits

The Sagittarius trait male is almost liked by other zodiac sign. Because they are eternal traveler as well as vagabonds. He has not the interest in game or sport. he discovers truth, Beauty, and wisdom and this is the way they travel and meet other and interrogations the soul questions. They maintain their attitude by the knowledge. He is interested in the religion, philosophy and the meaning of everything. He is an intellectual and logical thinker. he is a curious listener and knows the knowledge and information, gives the decision before there coming, Therefore, he has the good sense of humor.  He has usually a broad social circle. He can not tell a lie because he is very faithful and unable to tell a lie so he is trusted person. But it is very difficult to believe him when they come in the field of emotional affections. he is the man which gives all sorts of delusions and idealism which make them trustworthy. He can only able to lie from himself but he looks the world by the pink spectacles.  They may be childish and superficial.

If someone wants to make a relationship with this man it is very necessary to know about them because he is the continuance of Scorpio and further of cancer so there is not superficial about it. Sagittarius man always seeks the truth and until he does not find it they do not sit steadily. It does not mean that he is seeking the truth on his partner but in his inner feelings. He even does not know a cause of life away from their relationship and why he need some variations and adventure. He always searches the true direction. He wishes to find the synthesis and truth place and he finds this only with one person and he makes a faithful commitment to them. he may be reliable and childish and sometimes being pushy. He has the most focused on their desired goal and made the required strategy to possess the objective. He generally goes to the movie, shopping which does not satisfy their adventure.They never victims from the financial calamity.

Sagittarius Eminent Personalities: The Most famous personalities who are born under this sun sign are Nicky Minaj, Bruce Lee, Miley Cyrus, Brad Pitt, Walt Disney, Mark Twain, Raj Kapoor and many more.

Sagittarius compatible Signs

Sagittarius horoscope, Sagittarius love horoscope, Sagittarius traits

The compatibility of the Sagittarius with other is matches however it does not compatible with the other zodiac sign due the hurtful outspoken. different zodiac sign compatibility with the Sagittarius is different. There is some zodiac sign of different compatibility from which you can  find out which is best Sagittarius matches:



Fire sign

Since it is a sign of fire so it has the great source of energy. it is unpredictable when they have the spontaneous energy. They have the strong intuition and instincts which help to handle the tight and difficult situations.

Sagittarius and Leo compatibility

since the both signs is of fire so one of them will be fixed and other mutable. they both share a warm love for each other. when they meet each other their surprise of relationship combined together. they feel independent when they meet each other. they can be able in the best thing to produce the self – esteemed, especially when they are in the demanding relationship. they both share the passion and having the tendency to show their emotions, satisfied each other in the sexual life. they respect each others body and personality. Leo are mostly shows the misunderstood and jealous each other’s reactions. Whenever their emotions fade it is impossible to lose the trust. they both can easily fall in love frequently and quickly.

Sagittarius and Aries compatibility

It may be quite funny when they both engage in the sexual relations. they both are the sign of the fire so they have the passionate to each their own. Sagittarius passionate towards their cheerful personality. Sagittarius only think about the belief and opinions. they both are suspicious of each other and spend their life to universal truth. when they both to the mood they passionate to protect from each other either it is serious or hard. the Sagittarius bit vain about their performance and sexuality. they have the tend to produce the satisfied for each other. they both are aware of the abundance need of the honesty in their life.

Earth sign

Sagittarius and Taurus compatibility

When the Taurus wants to sex with other than the Sagittarius born is one which gives them a satisfied sexual life.but they are far from the emotions of the sex. Sagittarius certainly thinks about the Taurus that they probably sleep or eat all long day. the two planets which are ruled by these sign are Jupiter and Venus which seems to be satisfying in their sexual life. they use their attribute for the sexual pleasure. they both have the perfect match in their compatibility if they both of them complement and rather than change to change each other. they both do work together like supper, enjoy to sit the beach and novel of the love. they both try to spend the time alone than the socializing. They both deserve for the respects, they search the links and interesting things which fulfill each others sex life. Taurus will take care of their partner, in turn, they get the cheerful spirit how to make the relationship better.

Sagittarius and Capricorn compatibility

They have the beautiful and compatible life. Then they attract to each other and produces the sex bond somehow they think they should not be attached from each other. There is no longer description to this feeling. According to Horoscope Sagittarius, affected character can strangely handle because Sagittarius has the tendency to take everything in easy way Capricorn find the way of the strange and is responsible for that situation and give the way to handle. Taurus wants to physical encounters in their slow movements and this peace gives by the Sagittarius. In the beginning, they feel that how the incompatible they actually are. As the time passes they understand each other emotions and feeling which gives them a new life.

Sagittarius and Virgo compatibility

As the all of the sign, these couples are mutable and enjoy the fun with the life. According to the view of the Sagittarius, the Virgo is critical as well as demanding. they have he tend to satisfy each other. the perfect compatibility thing in them the fact that they both has the planet that ruled in their opposing sign.this means that they have a good attraction and have the best sexual life at the first place. Since they have the opposite sign they can possess the fruitful and cheerful life. the main problem for them that they have the different elements. The Virgo is the earth sign so it is not the case of worry. the Sagittarius is the fire sign so they force the thing to achieved the desired goals. This is the main cause of which the Virgo being attractive. the most important the room which closes them in their life.

Sagittarius horoscope, Sagittarius love horoscope, Sagittarius traits

Water sign

Sagittarius and Scorpio compatibility

They are strange understanding for them if they are one of them. the power which is obtained by them that is confidence when they come to sex. the nature of creativity and openly attract the Sagittarius. And this still for the long term that due to this nature Sagittarius thinks that scorpion is the unreliable and not deserve to trust while the Sagittarius as dark, pushy and maintain their sex life they compromise from each other. The Scorpio give freedom while the Sagittarius find the path to run away from the seriousness of their partner. In the better way, Scorpio gives them a suitable physical intimacy and emotions. Together they make the sex relation incredible.

Sagittarius and cancer compatibility

Cancer is emphatic and vulnerable folk. Sagittarius is simple, intellectual person. So this behavior indicates that they do not attract each other. if they do they have the interesting anticipate will found. somewhat difficult to understand cancer because of the variable nature of Sagittarius and opposite need of the emotional security. if the trust between them reached to the limited way the Sagittarius behavior may be space for the sex life of its destructive force. if the emotional security is present the sex life may have the fun. their relationship may be strong if cancer to go their partial and accept some variation fun for their strict love zone.

Sagittarius and Pisces compatibility

when they both in the relationship the dreams realize. According to Sagittarius astrology, they are the perfect thinker and can be move from one pursuit to next. if ever they manage their physical relation then a lot of fun exist. As the two mutable sign there will be no end of the intimacy, vary in the position and creativity. they both have the up and down disappointment as well as excitements or fun, hopes. they both couples share positivity, laughter, and fun in their sex life. there is the lack of trust. the relation may be the emotional rollercoaster side. they both love create the thoughts to make them close for their closeness they go together on the date, picnic and share the secrets and deep emotions each other. They have inpatient to combine and for the sex life.

Air sign

Sagittarius and Aquarius compatibility

they both make a perfect compatible. their relation has the enthusiasm, energy, and perfections. they have the good characteristics to make their relationships strong and deeply. they both enjoy their relations and energy level grows the relations. they both fought from the setbacks and hardships. As well as enjoying the adventurous. they give the space and freedom to each other. they both are aware of the need of the honesty. There is no need to talk to understand the spot take place one is lying. it makes the calamity of the mistrust due to the feeling of Sagittarius. In many situations, the Aries thinks to give all to the Sagittarius. they have the amazing bond of friendship which can be seen from many years.

Sagittarius and Libra compatibility

The emotions and intimacy of both depend on the natal charts, but they enjoying their sex life incredible. they have the good match when they come to sex. it is only the requirement of the room to grow develop the sexuality life and self-esteemed each other’s arm. they both have the planet which is ruled by the Jupiter and venus which makes the better sexuality relations. with a primarily experience they search the things which satisfied them from the sex life. they both can move to the mistrust or the unrealistic word in each point and every action. It is very important to make the broad picture of trust and this should be done by stay the unrealistic state, fairytale but this Sagittarius star sign born people does not want to do. but they have the deep emotions security. Incredible and impatient can be defeated the Sagittarius.

Sagittarius and Gemini compatibility

They both are restless as well as prone to arguments. they possess it hard to stick for too long. the Sagittarius wants to love but the Gemini have not timed for this. a Gemini gives up from life for Sagittarius but the Sagittarius are survived philosophical life. when they combined in the strange such that no one can be understood. when they meet from the slip their sexual life may not be fulfil from the sexual life, understand the personal needs and desires. this cause makes in them the feeling of selfish and their conversation is carry on their misunderstanding can be turn off. they do not prefer the extreme sex they believe on the love. but they love each other with the self-esteemed arm.

Sagittarius compatibility with friends and family

Sagittarius horoscope, Sagittarius love horoscope, Sagittarius traits

the compatibility of this sign is optimistic, mutable and link the thoughts from other zodiac sign. They have the External attitude, confidence for the matches of family there is some particular member for the compatibility which is discussed below:

Sagittarius as father

they have the thinking of the idealistic as well as the brighter side. quite loving to spend the precious time with the children. they lost with the children when they playing or studying. they enjoy the children and do not strict and willing to the love.

Sagittarius as mother

Sagittarius girl as a mother are very lenient and give the figure of the bright future by the showering lot of affection and love. she behaves with her children as a friends which is perfect bond for the children.

Sagittarius as a child

They are the innocent and conserve their innocent to the longest time than other children. According to time, they grew up and their innocent shine. they are love and sometimes may be they are stubborn and love their family however they do not follow the order of their guardian.

Sagittarius as friend

They are generous as well as encouraging as a friend. They expand the joy and laughter in the circle. They are loyal and nurture the relations to the end. They honor to their friend and make the leader often them.

Sagittarius decan

Sagittarius horoscope, Sagittarius love horoscope, Sagittarius traits

According to the astrologers, it gives the strength and governs the planet which belongs from them and the positions of the planet.and behavior. Read further to know the Birth period here below:

Sagittarius Decan 1: Born between November 23 and December 2

Between their period the ruler planet is the Jupiter. They are frank and honorable. The person is also large-hearted and humorous. they are blunt, adventurous and optimistic. It is the bodies of the zodiac sign. wherever they go they donate the joy as well as laughter.

Sagittarius Decan 2:  Born between December 3 and December 12

they born between these time period are ruled by the planet of the mars. it put off the energy, enthusiasm, and love of the life. they are always in the hurry. they may be restless assertive as well. they achieve the objective with aggressiveness.

Sagittarius Decan 3: Born between December 13 and December 21

their ruler planet is the sun. they are truthful and impressive. they are careful when they are dealing. they are attractive. they never hesitated or fear to take the risk. they are warm and friendly.

Sagittarius Career

Sagittarius horoscope, Sagittarius love horoscope, Sagittarius traits

They are curious, gentle as well as the great traveler and have the cupidity to meet the people. Clingy with them and open as well as spend with them are some of the Sagittarius strength points which help them to get success in their life . These happy people personal relationship and good work. they spread the joy laughter as well. they do not think twice to going out the work to achieve the goals. Other people like to work with them to keep the environment lovely and wit sense and humor. some obstacle may face in the way but they do not give up till the end of the end of the goal. they may be the inspirational teacher with the moral team. they are generous so they may have the thinking skill which arrives them to the top of the world.

Sagittarius love horoscope

Sagittarius horoscope, Sagittarius love horoscope, Sagittarius traits

The Sagittarius in love is truthful and trustful it may be loyal sometimes.They have fruitfully obtained the success in their love. they love their partner and sometimes due to his impatient there may be problem occur which is very complicate in their relations.they are emotionally insecure and have the capture the memory of each other. they possess the laughter and enjoy from his partner. they are also convinced their partner. they give the way to achieve their goal. they share their secrets, positive and talkative. Most of them they attract their partner by the great sense and their humor.

How to attract a Sagittarius

It is very necessary to the physical personality. Keep your eyes plug and white smile broad. your personality should not be the dead end and have the mental ability and good sense of humor. they test their partner too long and then accept them if he\she deserve for it. And self-confidence having the unique attitude which can be lowered them. incredible source of thing and self-esteemed as well as vulnerable.having a lot of good image before the society.

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