Scorpio Horoscope: Zodiac sign, Traits and Compatibility

It is the eighth zodiac sign in the horoscope. According to the Scorpio Horoscope, they are the very assertive and Passionate person. they are conclusive and the great seeker because they continue their research until they are not founded the truth. They are very attentive towards the calamity situation and having the elegantly in resourcefulness. Scorpio  is very lived to represents the emotions. Scorpio born the great leader for the situation. since having the emotions but they reveal their emotions differently than other water sign. they keep the secrets whatever they may be.Pluto is the ruler sign upon the Scorpio and it is the sign of the transformation as well as regeneration. They are well known for their cool behaviour and calm by their mysterious. they are very terrible because they know very well about the universe. they look older than their age. since they are an excellent leader and faithful about what they do. they hate the dishonesty and excuses which make them very suspicious and jealous. so they need to adapt the easily different behaviour of the human nature. They have the friend because they are the brave.

Scorpio horoscope, Scorpio love horoscope, Scorpio traitsScorpio birth is from October 24 to November 21 and the dates from this period are known as the Scorpio Birth dates. Scarlet, Red, and rust are the lucky color for them, Tuesday is their lucky day and having their lucky number is the 8, 11, 18, 22, they have the greatest strength due to the sensitivity. Having the good control over the destiny. they are very stubborn having the strategy about their achieved goals. Be aware of the feeling of the crossed. If someone come on their temper way they become very plenty of the room. they have the ability to being the prestigious and good will about their performance and having their performance and concerned on the goals. they love their sports. Scorpio symbolize the Scorpio and that is not the accident having the actions towards their goal as the Scorpio adapted. they are very sensual and intimacy is very important for them. they are very dedicated and faithful when they fall in the love and wants the very glamorous and honesty partner. whenever they fall in loves but they take a lot of time to build the trust. Let know more about the Scorpio.

Scorpio sign meaning

Scorpio horoscope, Scorpio love horoscope, Scorpio traits

They are not aggressive and stimulate rather generally thoughtful. they crave in the time and become annoyed when they do not get it. they have the cool control and confidence. somehow misunderstood. As Scorpio month are October and November, Scorpio-born is able to discern when assertive people in their problems. they are not attempting and have the ability to bravery means they do not fear they are firm, sensual, tremendous. they focused on their obstacle to side them besides this their friends also gives their contribution for them. they give the inspiration to other and custodial feel towards other sign and having inflamed sense and justice. they can have the energy source always indulges to light at the top in their works and wants the more work. They dislike the massive people, dishonest and revealing. they like the truth, Long time friends, Teasing passion and facts being right.they have the weakness such as distrusting, jealous, violent and secretive. they have the strength of resourceful, stubborn and passionate. they somewhat may be scraped for their social profit but they still firm in their goals.

Wants to know more about the Scorpio personality?

Star sign Scorpio symbol is the ‘Scorpio’ that’s why they possess some qualities like them. Since Scorpio born persons are pretended as well as powerful so they acquire any goal successfully. Having consciousness over the work or task. The corporation is the main cause of their stubborn for their surrounding people. they are able to detect the quick insult and injury aroused them ferrous anger. they prefer diet food and gives the importance especially gym. they have the destructive speech which makes them many enemies due to the outspokenness. Having the trend of the passionate towards the friends and others. they show the self- disgust against the unreasonable resentment that fellow. Besides having the harness. deep knowledge of the physics and psychology. Sometimes in the health of the stomach, the stone is present in their bladder. they know better other than other better know yourself. the structure of the scorpion is that they are very strongly built having thick shoulder, facial features, the Fatty voice they are quite secretive, flat cheekbone, short arm and torsos long, twitch fiber muscles are mostly contract. Having short neck, Sensuous but thin lips, and thick brown hair.

Scorpio traits and personality

Scorpio horoscope, Scorpio love horoscope, Scorpio traits

They are willed and mysterious persons. they have the Patience. they know how can achieve the goals. they do their better performance to be best somewhat they may be annoyed. One can conclude that they have some positive as well as negative traits there are some positive and negative traits that are discussed below:

Scorpio Positive traits

Scorpio born have some positive traits which are discussed in the para.

Focused: They are a very focused person if they have the desired goal it is impossible to divert their path.

Brave: They never fear from the difficult or complicated situation. Their head on regarding the failures or setbacks. they never disrupt their sleep.

Faithful: They are very faithful is evolved when they are trustworthy. he always stands by other if they make a promise from someone he does.

Ambitious: They gave the power, position as well as money which makes them ambitious. they always have the goal of stars and they reach there.

Balance: Passionate and jovial is the great positive traits. but not immense and mutable and having the balanced life this is the admired by the surround. They prefer the company of the Scorpio.

Scorpio horoscope, Scorpio love horoscope, Scorpio traits

Scorpio Negative traits

there are some negative traits too because everyone has some positive traits as well as negative traits:

Jealous: They sometimes become very jealousy and this does not impact on the relationship but upsets the mind.

Secretive: They do not believe others which are the cause of their secretive. they can easily know which person use their mind and in which path either it is good or worst.

Resentful: since thy are very sensitive and easily hurt by the negative treatment and comment. they become anger when someone wants to harm and insult.

Scorpio weaknesses are not for longer time, they figure out soon and start to work on it.

Scorpio woman personality

Scorpio horoscope, Scorpio love horoscope, Scorpio traits

Scorpio woman is very sexist as well as very mysterious of the 12 sign. she is very glamorous, deep magnetic as the sea it all depends on her mood. Having extraordinarily permeance, having a spiritual experience. Scorpio woman never being helpless and creature in their imaginations. she does not take the details lightly. When something is not going in her world she becomes upset as well as sad Especially when she do not controls some situation. She is tremendousness. She wants a fine leader which can be connected from her emotions. this helps when the situation is free from the stress. she knows how can be concern themselves and others as well. This makes them a better boss become other boss do not worried about their worker or employ. She always remembers the good things that have done by the underlings as well as bad. she seems very strange as well as mysterious. Everyone wants to date and meet her and wins them as a partner but she always thinks it is time wasting and betrays the trust of people. She wants to associate with other but someone tries to harm. Scorpio trait female always thinks positive so it is very difficult to divert from their goal.

She never being misunderstood and whenever she knows about it she becomes upset. having sharp minded so they only focused on their fundamental essence and disregard the superfluous. The celebrity woman overreacted in the interviews because she does not want any gossip may be held. Sometimes Scorpio girl thinks about himself high and she wants other also thinks on her way. She has the strength to handle the wicked person which do the foolishness. She likes the clear ending and beginning, without gray areas. she is very honorable this is the importance especially and unique cause of the brave She are very stubborn so she is very fearless and brave. she likes the dance, music, and singing too. Sometimes she has the deadly beautiful personality due to destructive.

Scorpio man personality

Scorpio horoscope, Scorpio love horoscope, Scorpio traits

They have the anything personality bunt it must be delicate. He is more independence than other zodiac sign. He wants to handle their own life. He doesn’t like if someone gets their copy. He is not one which listens others and obeys their orders. they are always in the form of charge and give the order. Scorpio man are determined towards the fundamental achievement and gives more importance towards their surrounding and [parents they have the prestigious and goodwill image before the society since they are creative and have the ability to create buildings and artist. He did not like that someone knows more about them. they keep the secret graduated and sharing about his best friends. He is incredibly curious to learn everyone and every thing but they generally like these things out of his own. They are the master of question that are both sharp and penetrating. Since they are intellectual and having the efficiency to produce the strategy with a indulges quickly in any conditions or circumstances.

Scorpio trait male gives their answer to the face and comes to his own conclusions. They have the ability to control the situations and lives in the life of own determinations. sometimes they may be very destructive and terrified if he defeat someone but they still make toil to possess the goal and for victory. they are mostly god gifted. They sometimes are rituals. He does not live under the rocks and keep their secrets in the complex under and do not shows even in the friendliness. Due to their friends, they achieve the goal and they prove them as a king, Loyal. Attempt to close to some people but someone wants to away due to their resentment and persistent. They are passionate and dedicated. if someone meets from them keep them happy they are very funny. They sometimes become serious if something goes to wrong. He is vulnerable and wiser person. Once he defeated the binding the time and obtained the another opportunity. He has the long term memories and imagined. He is hard working and enjoys the fruits whatever he meets in the labor.

Scorpio Eminent personalities:  The famous people who are born under this sun sign are Hillary Clinton, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Ryan Gosling, Bill Gates, Marie Curie, Tim Cook etc.

Scorpio compatible signs 

Scorpio horoscope, Scorpio love horoscope, Scorpio traits

they love their partner very much they concerned about their lovers. They are very romantic and take care. they are praised due to the good compatibility with others. since they are very complicated but having the destinations for their love. They can do anything for their lovers. They possess a lot of prestigious for their goodwill compare the couple. having a lot of determination to achieve their lover. Let discuss some more compatibility and find out best Scorpio matches:

fire sign

Scorpio and Leo compatibility

This is the very great and incredible relationship and having two strong personalities. since Leo is warm and passionate and seek to the action and be casual if they come to their sexuality encounters. it has been found that Scorpio is the self-sex and having depth emotions. hen they combine they trouble to find the middle ground of their personality. this partner seems to have crashed their plans or purpose. if they are attracted each other they may be mad due to this attraction then no one has the tend to realize their desire in a wanted way. if they stop their sexual relations there may be misunderstanding exist.

Scorpio and Sagittarius compatibility

Since they both signs are different so their combination is exciting as well as inspirational. the Sagittarius are audacious and loquacious. which add spicy in the life of the scorpions. they both have the tendency to satisfied each other they feel each other emotions and problems.

Scorpio and Aries compatibility

The bond between them is unbreakable. Aries is the first and Scorpio is the second breath. When they both are in the sexual relation it is very difficult to abandon their aggressions aside. They both are ruled by different planet one of them venus and other is pluto so we can say that there is the lack of love but it is not so simple to say. They most believe on the sexual relations.

Earth sign

Scorpio and Taurus compatibility

Like all opposing sign, the Scorpio and Taurus attract each other madly due to the sexual nature of the signs. since it shows the sensuality so it gives the physical pleasure. The relation has the deepest sexuality and emotions than other zodiac sign. Due to the frustration in their sex life can be lead to the pretty dark. Scorpio requires to fall in the sweaty and naked someone loved, whereas Taurus wants to be loved as much. They both rarely trust each other and for maintaining the compatibility with Taurus it is necessary to build the sense of security. there are fine lines between two possibilities in relations of the Taurus and Scorpio. One possibility is that Taurus partner is really too quite, Unreachable and closed up. this can develop the suspicious nature of Scorpio sun sign people and their indulges of the interrogating questions may be damaged their trust and there could be the lack of love. But this case contains less probability.

Scorpio and Capricorn compatibility

they both have the good compatibility. They share the special bond between their sextile life and because of the truth that the Capricorn praises the Scorpio. The physical nature helps the Scorpio grounds to their sexual need. The exhaust problems in their relationship are that they both belongs to be from the moon this is the cause of the falling. This aspect not be very sensitive and emotional and can take the intimate. they make them cold and distant. Although they have the physical emotions. They even thinks it is the need for all but they live away and other people shows them the intimacy.

Scorpio and Virgo compatibility

To do fight the scorpion that is the Sanctity of star sign Virgo. It is the very interesting couple in the sexuality activity. One will try for the action of sex and other do the sex self. even they have the tendency to shows their emotions clearly. Scorpio is the water sign and having the deep emotions. Whereas the Virgo is one which wants to share their emotions live. They both find the way to satisfying their relations during the sexuality. the best time period for Virgo and Scorpio to produce the safety and emotions is in the situations when they both feel the emotional experience.

Scorpio horoscope, Scorpio love horoscope, Scorpio traits

Water sign

Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility

When they come to sex their dream has come to true as well as they both may be the worst nightmare. It is very difficult to handle individually because their sexual energy and tension are hard. when they get together they find the absolute understanding. Scorpio can not balance himself however they get together they can be tremendous or the have the patience to balance anything. Their sex life reveals the excessive and amazing though everything appears to be far. they oppose the manipulate which causes the resentment each other. When we thought about the spicing sex life one will have the space themselves then there will be perhaps boring about them. when they involve each other life they get together no one wants to control and no one wants to involve in their own life.

Scorpio and Cancer compatibility

the scorpion is made up of all kind of death as well as a bad thing. Their maliciousness presents from the sexual and emotional expressions. Cancer has the ability to express their emotions and sexuality towards their partner. There may be the reduction of love because of emotions so there is need to express intimacy and feeling towards their love.

Scorpio and Pisces compatibility

Emotion is the intense for both of the partners to show their sexual experience. Scorpio is that that repressed the sex and sexual experience as well as depend on the nourishing and previous sexual experience. This is bad luck if the Scorpio neglects the emotions and the pieces to be satisfied and love. suspicious scorpion can be very clingy in a relation with the pieces. they both in the search of each other and this binds them with certain honesty.

Air sign

Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility

when they both comes sexually they produce the emotions and taboo. when the water and air combine emotions and information for the scene of attractions. if any break up occurs between them the heating can be stopped at some extent and despising everything whatever they shared in their sex life. Since their compatibility may be a lack of the passions. But they satisfied each other and have a fun and enjoy. it is very complicated to find the passion, rational thinking, and emotions. their sexuality is hunger and deeply emotions Aquarius wants to free boundaries of emotions and having the original trouble with the partner.

Scorpio and Libra compatibility

If they both come to the match they are mutable satisfying and emotionally unions. the Scorpio we lost and confuse of their emotions. the libra harmony and proclivity helps to keep the scorpion even. the scorpion can not trust a partner whose name is libra because of the lack of need of the sexual life, emotions security, and attraction.the Scorpio obsessive and demanding their partner for the strong and pull energies. they may have the incredible feelings when they fall in the love.they are both ruled by the opposite planets they have the tend to attract each other and can grow their relation to the extents. it is the obvious need for the sexuality life. they wants have the obsessing each time their partner to alone.

Scorpio and Gemini compatibility

They have the deep emotions and highest connection which make them attractive. they both are the sign of the earth due to this they make incredible relations, Paying full attention towards the emotions. there is the need of the natal chart if they both are in the end of love and sexuality life. since the Gemini is short and this nature can be understood in the better way by the Scorpio. Sagittarius star sign is the sign of deep emotion which associates the various mates for their compatibility. whenever they both fall in the love it is much so to understand. the Sagittarius are the sex life and give the better relaxed to their partner. they have the ability to make the masochistic and sadistic to the atmosphere that the Gemini laugh at this.

Scorpio  compatibility with friends and family

Scorpio horoscope, Scorpio love horoscope, Scorpio traits

According to the Scorpio astrology,  have the good compatibility with the friends and family they obey and honorable for their friends and family, Loyal as well. Having the ability to give the fulfilled and moderate facility. Having the thought to their family. having the immortal views towards their family. There are some matches of the family for different relation such as the father, mother, and children which are discussed below:

Scorpio as a Father

They love to spend the quality with his children. they become child whenever they played or studied and innocent. they both father and child enjoy and fun their life. they show their love for him and not being too strict. they give their children freedom as well as talents flower.

Scorpio as a Mother

she is the modulate of the soft and hard feelings. she loves their children and iron effective manner to give the right directions. she is one which loves and enjoy their children with magnificence.

Scorpio as a child

the child is very silent and reserved. they obey their parents and obedient however in their adulthood things and can drastically reverse turn.

Scorpio as a Friend

They are very loyal and have the expectation from other as well. if there is the need of the help they are always present there. self-respect and proud gives the importance for the Scorpio. A Scorpio boy have the cordial relation between the certain people.

Scorpio Decan

Scorpio horoscope, Scorpio love horoscope, Scorpio traits

The decan is used to find the birth or natal chart for a particular person or zodiac sign by the using of the position and strength of planets. which gives the proper prediction about the life.




Scorpio Decan 1:  Born between October 22 and November 2

they have the mars planet which is a ruler on them and have the power of the two scorpions. they are resourceful, courageous and extremely magnetic. they have the nature of secretive and although secretly but they loves the limelight. they are blessed with the zeal energy and thankful for the ruling mars. when they fall in love they become very dedicated and loyal. from the negative nature, they may be vengeful and vindictive.

Scorpio Decan 2: Born between November 3 and November 12

their ruler planet is the Jupiter and they are very ambitious and intellectual. sometimes their emotions and expression reality soon. they are quite romantic and faithful, pious to the core and generousness among their circles. Jupiter is the powerful force in the lives of the Scorpio. To know more about the natal chart or birth chart can be help for the further information.

Scorpio Decan 2: Born between November 13 and November 22

they are ruled by the moon planet which is the conscious and unconscious mind and having the tend to attract. they are quite popular and prestigious for their standing. they are charming and having a terrific well power. they have the tend to make their relations fruitful happy as well. the person born under this period are caring and also sensitive.they are pain feeling demonstrative.

Scorpio career

Scorpio horoscope, Scorpio love horoscope, Scorpio traits

When the talk of about the career they are always towards their missions. they pour the same smoldering intensity which keeps them stay on their indulges to achieve their goal though they solicit the security of the chunk money, also bloom in the competitions.their is nothing left with the engage of the setback goal promise. since they are self-motivated and they know what is their need. they become hurt when they are betrayed and when they have no choice to back down. they have the affinity with all things mysterious and hidden. they are a detective and not consider the things of the face value. they are discipline and have the ability to exerting power. they have the deep indulges to seek an answer, journalist and investible. Scorpio strength help them easily achieve their goals as well as suceed in their career.

Scorpio Love horoscope

Scorpio horoscope, Scorpio love horoscope, Scorpio traits

Scorpio in love are devoted, gentle loving and protective for their love. they have their own feeling which can be easily understood by their partner that are analyzed the trust in their partner but they always still stay the trust on their partner. Keep their mind still on their love and focussed which have the weight importance in their life. They are well versed and goodwill for their love. they dedicate everything for their love, When they fall in love they pledge to give him protect and helps at any moment and in any conditions. Sometimes their partner does the mistakes with the known they deny it and try to make their relationship and closeness more forward. they are loyal as well as keeps the engaged with their loved ones for the lifetime. they can be still lost in the dream of the partner. Since they are ambitious and loyal but they can not give the sexually satisfied relation it is because they are lazy since the crab is lazy.

How to attract the Scorpio person

Scorpio horoscope, Scorpio love horoscope, Scorpio traits

According to Horoscope Scorpio, they are the shy nature but do not afraid any beautiful woman or handsome man. but they stop himself to attract towards them. when the Scorpio is talking it is necessary to pay attention towards them. they have the nature of the interrogation so they often ask the what and why if you unable to think of it then they think that you are the liar, bore, and fake. It is very compulsory to being confident and prepare for their works.It should be done on the first date or meeting yet you will fail to attract them. Having good sense of humor they always believe on the mentality physical appearance is not give importance according to the Scorpio.

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