Taurus horoscope: Zodiac sign,Traits and Compatibility

There is 12 zodiac sign, here we postulate the Taurus horoscope related different perspective in details. Taurus is the last element of the earth sign. As the sign of the earth, it has the tendency to see things from grounded, practical and realist perspective. The individual those born in the month of May and April belong to this zodiac sign so Taurus birth dates are from 21 April to 21 May of every year. Ruled by the Venus planet, it is the people of this sign who fertilizes the fruits of toil. It is the planet of love, satisfaction, beauty creativity and thankfulness. The proposal nature will make Taurus an excellent cook, artist, and lover. They are don’t like sudden variation and are very loyal by nature but the weakness of this sign born is that they are not compromising as well as very possessive and importunate. They have the ability to control the follows spastics and unhealthy situation.Taurus horoscope, taurus love horoscope, Taurus traits

The lucky number for them is 2,6,9,12,24 and the lucky color is green and pink. They find the way to earn more money and has greater dedication level that they can still stay on one project for many years but sometimes, they are impatient of their commitment and having the ability to complete their task efficiently and effectively. So over all these traits makes them a good employee, friends, partner and they get lots of attention at the office due to these capabilities. Therefore one can also conclude that they are stable and conservative. They are credible of the zodiac sign. Their courage motivates them towards the goal and fascinates to break up the task in the simple step and take daily action. You will get more about the sign meaning, their positive and negative traits, their compatibility with other 11 signs. You will also get to know the how are people of this sign in different relations like mother father, brother sister etc.  Let’s discuss more Taurus here.

Taurus sign meaning

Taurus horoscope, taurus love horoscope, Taurus traits

Taurus symbol is the bull which is the indication of possession and practicality and this also denotes that people born under this sign are dedicated. Such kind of people usually very aware towards life and money. They have the curiosity power that makes them easily dominate on others by their knowledge and have the strength of faithful and a settle practicing task. The people born under this sign are also very down to earth in nature and highly sensitive and romantic when they come to love as well as have the efficiency of tolerating physically and mentally any situation whether it is in work life or love life. They have the great taste of the food they can’t be a cook but are often the good director. Apart from this, they have the good business mind and are considered to very rich because they look well and dress well. People born under this sign may be annoyable sometimes because it is very difficult to happy them. The people belong to this sign may be of settle routine or they may be the good director. They have many close friends which try to divert them to their goals but they have the tendency to focus on the goals and do not divert their minds from it. Some friends are good which motivated them towards their goals and give their contribution to achieving or acquire their goals. April and May are known as the Taurus months.

Taurus planet Venus

The planet of Taurus is Venus which is the planet of love, platonic and worldly. Whenever they see the beautiful painting or art, other work, they evaluate it perfectly and then you can believe that it is the effect of the Venus on them that give them the ability to explore the art in different way. People born under this sign are the simple, sensual and having the excellent fascination eye towards the beautiful world. You are the indication of peace and unity, will perhaps trade out of your relationship easily.

Taurus sun sign is happy, willing, sincere and has an overall approach. You will see them hue and cry whenever someone tries to change their schedule and priorities. It is extremely difficult to change the mind of Taurus. Venus is the goddess of the beauty and most prestigious to their hard work and determination. Beauty and money are the usual characteristics of the Venus. We always see the natal chart of the Venus which gives the great idea about the compatibility. We can also see one of the traits is how this sign uses the money but other zodiac signs do not give importance the money.

Taurus personalities traits

Taurus horoscope, taurus love horoscope, Taurus traits

Taurus personality shine from inside. The individual born under this zodiac sign, known for being the realist, sensual, ambitious and practical. The eye of this kind of individual is filled with the beauty. They have the tendency to be good with the finances and due to which they can make their future as the financial manager. Like, everyone, this signs people also has the negative and positive traits. They usually respect their tradition, prefer to practices, planning, structure to disarray and at an end they become surprises. They are reliable and prefer to depend on itself as well as are loyal towards their employee longer than some signs exist. Some part of them is to defense mechanism against hurt. Let’s know the positive and negative traits of these signs in details:

Taurus positive traits

Here, we are discussing some of the personality traits of the peoples who belong to Taurus zodiac sign:

Generous: Usually, Taurus easily gives the helping hand to the nearby family and friends it means that they have the ability to control that kind of calamity without any strains and stress.

Down to earth: The sensible and credible soul downs to the earth are one of the best Taurus qualities. They are more civilized and of good personalities due to which the success moves towards them.

Independent: They like to be independent either emotionally or financially. They are strong therefore they do not take support when life begins to throw the lemon on them.

Patience: Patience is the molarity and the Taurus born individual possess it from galore. They believe in doing the job in the right way such that no one ever has done the job till the time.

Persistent: They are earthy so they like the world. Once they see any beautiful thing, they motivate themselves and they become stubborn and makes efforts to get it successfully. Setbacks and failures hurt their spirit.

Dependable: You can often see on the Taurus that they will not leave you as a hopeless. This goodwill makes them as a good friend, employee and ahead of their reputation as well as their prestige.

Taurus Negative traits

Apart from above mentioned Taurus traits, some of the negative traits can be seen in the Taurus personalities:

Self-kind: They always think that they are the very indulgent and form as the goal-oriented such that they revolve the nation around them. Due to these indulgent, it makes them impolite and makes them as an unfamiliar with the emotions of the other.

Stubborn: Although they are very persistent but they forget about wrong and right. Their perspective view totally changed in a short time. They do not listen to the emotions of others.

Possessive: Possessiveness often makes them rude, disgust and jealous are one of the dismay traits in the people born under Taurus sign. Even they may be coast in the actual relationship.

Lazy: The Taurus- born people are impatient as well as lazy and don’t want to move their muscles till they are motivated by the others to get up and to do the hard work.

Materialistic: In their wipe to defense their future, reputation and image in the society, they have the tendency of materialistic.

Taurus women personalities

Taurus horoscope, taurus love horoscope, Taurus traits

The woman between the month May and April are considered as the Taurus woman. The personality of the woman who belongs to this zodiac sign is independent as well as emotionally strong. They are sexy, funny and are perfect women who are looking for those balance and the real partner. However, she enjoys the unmatched level of susceptibility and temper. She dislikes the risk and tries to avoid from this as well as she has the tendency to tolerate others. She has the middle level of common sense. She makes friends whose personality matches close to their own. The Taurus traits female is to be close to their family members in every circumstance. She motivates others but does not like any kinds of quotes or lecture from others. she makes other to achieve their desired goals.

She is very romantic and loyal as well. She always shares the conversation between her and her lover and will go to stay happy till the life time. The Taurus women personality shows that she does not go around looking for the sympathy because she well-versed knows that she is strong and can take care of it. She helps the family if they are in any misery.

Taurus man personality

it is easier to understand Taurus-born man because they have the earth sign which denotes fixed. This kind of people are slow, practical, down to earth and methodical. Some of the Taurus personality traits are the nature of calm, unshakable, quite and feel safer. They are more secure than they think. Once he sees something that they like it soo much, there is no one in the galaxy that can stop him from having it. As a fixed personality, they don’t experience the change of mood swings like others zodiac sign has such as cancer, pieces etc. Since Taurus is the fixed sign and they do not in the favor of changes, they like the constant. A minute change in the life of Taurus can be anxious due to the regular rituals.

Taurus man always shows the leadership sign. Being firm, goal achiever or alertness towards the goal is the part of the personality of this sign. However, being firm can have the side effect of the stubbornness.

Taurus likes the comfort, nourishing environment that enhances the mending and security. They find the piece and unison from the inner side in ritualisation.

Taurus Eminent Personalities

Some of the famous who belong to this sign are Mark Zuckerberg, Megan Fox, Tina Frey, Elizabeth II, George Clooney etc.

Taurus compatibility with other elements

Taurus elements: Earth

Taurus horoscope, taurus love horoscope, Taurus traits

The earth is regarded from the element of Taurus. It also rules on the sixth and seventh houses. The individual belongs to these elements are practical, grounded and dependable. They don’t take a  risks in case of financial problems. However, they are brave kind of people and are always on the way of the truth. They love to pervert either it is good food or the good wine. The Taurus born like the piece which is not obtained by others. If you wanted to know your best matches then Taurus matches are discussed below:

Earth sign

Taurus and Virgo Compatibility:

This is quite expected that the relation between them may be without touching. The Virgo ashamed to show their weakness towards the Taurus. The Taurus has the tendency to relax their partner. The Taurus can satisfy their partner by giving the attention and purposes.

Taurus and Taurus Compatibility

When the two partner of same sign comes together it is believed that they knew it before and this is due to the same sign, they came close fast. They seek the good sex and enjoy their sex moments. They are well-versed to know about the touch the body of their partner. Expectedly, they produce the best relationship bonding to meet their needs.

Taurus and Capricorn Compatibility

They both are near the practical life, both are solid when they both are ready and indulge in romance. It is the reason that makes the excellent perfect couple. When they become familiar and decided to come together in the relationship, then they learned the means of the joy and pleasure. It has been found that the Capricorn do not believe in doing regular romance, they believe in strong base.

Fire signs

Taurus and Sagittarius Compatibility

When the Taurus wants a partner then the Sagittarius is the last one which comes in their mind. It is interesting to know how two people ruled by Venus and Jupiter comes to romance but the individual can’t look to do sex. But the fact is that they do come close to each other. Although the love compatibility between them is not much better but they do have great friendly bonding and after all, both signs has the similarity that they can not make the lie.

Taurus and Aries Compatibility

It has been known that the Taurus is ruled by the Venus and Aries is ruled by the Mars. Taurus astrology depicts that both planets have the physical relation connection but the difference between them occur when they come to the last goal i.e. committed relationship. Taurus is all about the satisfaction.  But Aries looks for the overall growth of the relationship.

Taurus and Leo Compatibility

The relation between in the Taurus and Leo may be exhaustive because they both are lazy. Taurus wants to be lie down and enjoy being perfect. Leo lies down to served and take care of their partner. They both like to do the romance day and night. It is very difficult to know that who one is more dominating because both want that their decision should be used.

Water signs

Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility

These two signs are those which attract each other madly because they belong to the sexual nature of the signs. This is the sign which believe in the physical pleasure. They both have the very deepest sexuality, sensual and emotion which is the unique in all the zodiac sign.

Taurus and Pisces Compatibility

These both signs think about only the physical pleasure. The Taurus expressed the attitude towards the sensuality, love, and sexuality. However, they both don’t care about their emotions. Where the pieces were lost in the pleasure of the romance, Taurus care about emotions first although they are both very romantic and care the emotion.

Taurus and Cancer Compatibility

It is believed that star sign Taurus and Cancer are the two most asexual sign in the whole zodiac sign. This is the intrinsic image that they are not only based on the natural sex. This is compulsory for both to see, smell, feel.  Taurus produce the perfect bonding during the long term relationship and satisfied their partner with love. The Taurus has the wonder tendency to satisfy their partner.

Air sign

Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility

They both can acquire the good compatibility between them. They support and help each other when they are in any type of difficulty. They might be honest and true in relationship. The Aquarius has the great secret towards  Taurus that they fear from their partner. They are ashamed of each other when they are in the sexual calamity.

Taurus and Gemini Compatibility

Taurus need deep feelings for their partner before getting into the serious relationship. The Gemini is the intellectual fillip and doesn’t care to spend the time in the someone’s arms. It is not that they don’t need to touch, all people do, but they love and accept many different ways to romance with their partner.

Taurus and Libra Compatibility

The relationship between them has the devotional feelings since they both ruled by the Venus planet but they expressed the different characteristics. The Taurus loves for the satisfaction but it is opposite for the Libra but they belong to same sign so they fairly attract each other. They possess some similarity and some dissimilarity. Sometimes the belief of Taurus may be exhausting when the Libra is attracted by other.

Taurus compatibility with the friends and family

As we just discussed  Taurus compatible signs and we will tell how Taurus are in different other relationships.

Taurus horoscope, taurus love horoscope, Taurus traits

Taurus as a Father

Hardworking, responsible and protective are words which scarcely scuff the reputation of the Taurus personality. They want nothing but a healthy and happy family. The Taurus father has the strong austere value as well as they love and have the passion for their children. He wants that his children follow those instructions to get successful in their dream career and they believe in their children’s dream. The father belongs to this sign want their children to ahead with a greatly extended level. He defends his children in the painful time and supports them as they can. They trust their children that they will always support their father in a bad time. The Taurus fathers are mostly in the condition of resentment and polite as well. They sometimes look like annoyed with the child but they are not.

 Taurus as a mother

There is the tangled relation between the child and mother.  Tt is founded that the mother is the treatment and remedies for their children. She always keeps their children before the eyes. The mom who belongs to this sign is very polite and prestigious to care her children carefully. The mom belongs to this sign is like a candle which burns itself to give the light to own children. She is also protective and being alerts to solve the problem which comes on the path of their children. They are the source of success to dominate or possess the children’s goal. She gives their ritual lecture to their children which motivate them and be helpful to achieve their goals. They love their own children very much. She always forms the guidelines for their children. She follows herself on the basis of the truth and always recommended their children to take the path of truth.

She has the feminine look. but becomes strong when in the circumstances of the motion. She always tries hard to protect her children. The Taurus woman is mostly the traditional woman and liberal value woman.

The relation between mother and children is never the boring but fulfill from the strong love, blessing, and emotions. She provides the expectation of practical their needs. She is the mother of him and friend as well.

Taurus as children

Since it is the sign of bull so this thought is always surprised that the children which belong to this horoscope are sensitive in all way for their parents and they obey their parents. They love their parents and well- versed in social knowledge. They mostly achieve the desired goal. We often see that the person belongs to this particular sign has the tendency to take his commitment seriously and this kind of quote belong to the child as well. The child takes the time to motivate but they motivate itself. the old bedroom and friends is not easy for them. That kind of the children likes the food and clothes and want to choose the same for them from very early age. They have their own sense and speed to complete their tasks and always concerned about their goals. They also made focus towards their goal from the early stage.

If someone motivates them, they can do those unique which no one has done before because they always need the guideline. If someone tries do them work in hurry, they become slow than before. They give the hints to their parents till they can be able to recognize the wishes.

Taurus horoscope, taurus love horoscope, Taurus traits

Taurus as a friend

They don’t like to choose the people quickly and they pride themselves because they can count their truly close friends on the hand. Whenever they make their friends, they hang upon them and do believe in making the deep connection with the friends. They are that kind of people which do not like to descend the beans in the first meeting or date. The companionships between two Taurus friends make to feel safe, relaxed and they love the same desires.

They become upset if their friends opposed him towards the goal. Although some give the direction towards the goal. The friends of a Taurus boy are practical minded. Their friends are of protective nature while some friends are jealous due to their great personality. Since Taurus made their friends who give the good advice whereas some friends are those which gives the worst advice but the Taurus people know what is right and wrong so they accept and obey the truth.

Taurus as lover

Since this sign is ruled by Venus planet which is the planet of love so they are the avid lover who doesn’t see limits in love. The Taurus lover has the characteristics to do works as you wants them to do so they are very compatible with their partner. They are available for the one life partner. Most of them not like Taurus sign born because they don’t like any variation they like constant. They have the ability to protect their lover. Taurus girl helps or cares their lover in any casual conditions. They have the tendency to produce the home with the mate. It is very difficult to fall this kind of people in the love.


Taurus Decans

Taurus horoscope, taurus love horoscope, Taurus traits

The decan has the great impact on personality as well as characteristics. It helps us to know which planet would have the influence on you and which planet is beneficial for you. There is some information  about the decan which is stated below:

Taurus Decan 1: Born between April 20 and April 30

People belong to this sign are sensitive. However, that kind of people may have the tendency to bend the people to done things. They have the terrible volition. This kind of people may be determined by the great desire of life and hold the huge honor and money.

Taurus Decan 2: Born between May 1 and May 10

If any individual take birth between these days, they are ruled by the Mercury. they are courteous, glamorous and practical. They only speak their mind, when they have collected the worst information about any specific person. They have the desirable personality and they are open and honest in nature.

Taurus Decan 3: Born between May 11 and May 21

If any individual born under these days then their ruler planet is Saturn. They have a different kind of firmness and solidity against other peoples. They are very toil and against the wasting of the money. The people belong to this sign are very disciplinary, loyal, impatient.

Taurus Career

Taurus horoscope, taurus love horoscope, Taurus traits

It is believed that they are the workaholic person and truly earth sign. You can not reek them to go ahead with a neck-speed but are fulfilled with motivation and their career seems more important for them and that’s why they always take their career very seriously, which is one of the Taurus strength which held them to become successful in their career. They are programmatic. They do their best when they are left alone because they love to handle their job in their own way and with their own movement. Whether they are a boss or the first ranked, they always do their work as the co – worker.Regarding business, they shine at a top and having the most concerned about the earth and money. they paid their best attention to vocation. if they join the company and have the authority then there will be an occupational air in the office, his office likely to be informal and comfortable. the clients, co – worker will feel pleasant and relaxed, when you have the dealing with someone then you can count the Taurus along. since they reach at this position by the hardworking and by motivation. they are loyal towards their goal and therefore, they have the ability to achieve the goal. they are the self-promiser the determination can be the stubborn to achieve the goal. they used their five senses. Sometimes

Regarding business, they shine at a top and having the most concerned about the earth and money. If they join the company and have the authority then there will be an occupational air in the office, his office likely to be informal and comfortable and the clients, co – worker will feel pleasant and relaxed, when you have to deal with someone then you can count the Taurus along. Since they reach at top position by their hard work and motivation, they dont belive in luck much. They are loyal towards their goal and therefore, they have the ability to achieve the goal. They are the self-promiser and determined to achieve the goal. Sometimes Taurus weaknesses give them a taste of failure but they have the much-needed fitness and patience and this helps them to enhance the ability to think mentally in tough situations also.

Taurus Love Horoscope

Taurus horoscope, taurus love horoscope, Taurus traits

The Taurean are inclinable with family, mostly they spend their time in their loved one’s company. Taurus in love keep devotion and trust in their relationship but he large hearted people has the tendency to dominate on you. Under this sign, individually do not believe on the sudden storm of love so from this we can conclude that they are not very faster to dissolve the love in their heart.  They test their partner for the very long time then they think and commit to making them their life partner.

Taurus characteristics like getting jealous and upset when someone says that your partner’s attention diverted makes them very angry.  They will shower their amorousness, romance and attention, there is no doubt. But the problems arouses only when their acquired side become active. They are marvelous sensual. As they love their partner much they acquire the great affection in their relationship. The Taurus horoscope has the ability of perfect emotion and amazing tendency towards sensuality and sexuality. They have the ability to give the protective environment to their partner.

How to attract the Taurus

Taurus horoscope, taurus love horoscope, Taurus traitsThe Taurus man and woman can be attracted if the attractor has a good personality, reputation and having the image before the society. They should also have the attracting look and must have the good figure. They take the test to examine that you are the good partner for them or not. If you passed the test then you are the one. They like mostly those people which have the patience and are intellectual. Because they also keep patience and ritual’s lectures, they mostly believe in God.

To attract the Taurus star sign is not simple they take more time to be attracted to anyone. Trust come first for them before the romance and compatibility. To attract the Taurus you should be give the signal, and also make sure if he\she is able to recognize the signal. They may be attracted if he\she invite him\her at lunch or supper. By attractive look, they may be attracted.

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