Virgo horoscope:Zodiac sign, Traits and compatibility

There is 12 zodiac sign in which the Virgo is one of them. If you are interested in knowing Virgo Horoscope then you are at right place It is the sixth zodiac signs. Virgo is selfish in their own circles. They have the challenging energy. It is ruled by mercury so they are well – versed in the sense of the speaking, writing and other forms of the communication as well. Many Virgo decides their career to Journalist, Typist, and writer. they are practically towards their life. they are lovable,  beautiful and are admire exist for their lifetime in their society. they have the experience to different individuals. They are hard working and analytical. It is the mixture of commitment, deal and having good sense. They need the physical pleasure and wants to give the whole someone. since they have the deep sense of humanity and this makes them a good zodiac sign. they have the ability to attract their partner.

Virgo horoscope, Virgo love horoscope, Virgo traits

Virgo birth dates are from 23 August to 22 September.They have the sensitive mouth And have the average height, Great forehead, and beautiful eyes. They have the pale skin and They have a very delicate body and they have the high limbs and the big ear these two gives them a good body and this is enough to for a handsome individual. They keep themselves neat and clean. They can still in the tight budget this is the very comfortable and good habit. They have the tendency to put their full intelligence and get the things themselves. Virgo Star Sign possess the regular lives and are loyal and sensitive. They are also loyal towards their goals and always thinks to achieves the goal and are not ashamed and neither be hesitated nor be defeated in any activity. They deep in the issue of organizer and analyze what is the percept. They seeking the dislocation and very conscious to the health and in their balance diet and feel good when looking good. The mercury is one planet which is ruled over Virgo. There are some other details about the Virgo zodiac sign which is discussed below.

Virgo sign meaning

Virgo horoscope, Virgo love horoscope, Virgo traits

It is derived from the virgin and this organization should be taken literally. Although they have the quality of virgin things such as the Modesty and humanity. It is founded that they have the quality of noble and have the tendency to opposed the negative one. As Virgo symbol shows, these folks are good in the undertakes the cases and they are able to form the most practical and legible side. It is associated with the elements of the earth sign which is the guidance of the souls and spirits. They are practical and reliable and very useful for their surroundings. Their charts can be prepared on the basis of mythology. They do work hard and intellectual, physically they help themselves. People who belom=ng to this sign have the very special things that they are always attentive and sharp-minded as well as they notice every little detail.

Sometimes they do behaves like children and become stubborn when their wishes become incomplete. They have the earthy nature and are always seeking what is real and this makes them be creative as well as the able. They somewhat biting hustle and bustle and scare for some limit and not be scared out of their witness. The people belonging to Virgo astrology are not the concentrated person except their goal. Like the little drops makes the dam as the Virgo are one of them which makes the Topper. They are practically and mentally firmly. and have the tendency to makes the image and goodwill towards the society. People who are associated with them, the Virgo are discriminant towards them. Those born under this sign are very successful towards the achievement and have the ability to see the quick weak points. they have the views of materialistic. They are good in their personal appearance as well as their experience and respect about their ranks and position. They are always seeking to do something new. They want to enhance more towards their goals. They are quite critical as well as they are very honorable and sometimes become constrained whenever someone is dominating upon his mind and as well as in their heart. They are selfish but they never avoid to do the help the others.  If they earn the money for their lover they become the stick to earn more money.

To know more about the Virgo, watch this video below:

Virgo sign Traits

They are undemonstrative and introvert. But they are Well – versed in communication and wise witty as well. They have the good understanding strength of human nature so they help to other to solves their problems.  So there are some positive as well as negative traits is given which helps you to understand more about Virgo. Let’s have a look on some of the Virgo traits:

Virgo Positive Traits

Virgo horoscope, Virgo love horoscope, Virgo traits

Virgo month are August and September. Virgo has some amazing qualities through which they can attract anyone around them. Most observed personalities are:


They are a lot of intelligent and always curious to know more about the various subject as well as they have the well known about the general knowledge they have the passion about the study and it is the hobby also.


They like to independent and not to be dominated by other upon them. Virgo personality makes them does everything without listening any instruction or orders. It is the specialty. They work with their routine. They do not keep the analytical passion towards their friend or any people and commence.


It is believed that they follow the instruction and try to do their best job. Al0ong this the emotions can not be varied their decisions.


They never believe in the fantasy world because they possess the happiness in the real world. From this, they get the much more strength.

Virgo Negative Traits

Apart from positive traits of the people who belong to Virgo zodiac sign, there also some Virgo Weaknesses but they very well know how to handle them like a pro. Some of the commonly found negative traits of Virgo are:


Since they are conservative and do not acquire the modern ideas. They form their possible outcomes. They do the test with the water to secure.


They are fussy means they can not stop until they cannot possess the detail about a particular topic. Since their likes and dislike gives the strength of fussy.


It is very complicated to impressed them. They do not give the preference of good performance which is done by others either it is good, excellent or not.


They are very critical and have a clear picture of the mind as the thing should be and due to this, they lost their plot process.

Virgo woman Personality

Virgo horoscope, Virgo love horoscope, Virgo traits

Virgo woman has fantastic, Beautiful eyes. She has the nature order enjoying and accuracy and efficiency to all things. when the perfection is not getting she becomes very critical. Virgo woman has the thoughts on practically they lost in the seeking of the knowledge as well as on imaginations. They mostly preferred the sensation and experience. She uncomfortably achieving the too much attention she shies before the people. And which cause she bashful easily. She is very indiscreet from their minds. She has the good sense nad presence of mind. Virgo traits female only pay attention when something work is gone by her. She possesses the same views as people possess for the particular thing.

She combats with the calamities but she has the tendency to dominate upon it. She is not included in those who just shuddering and ego boost. She does that thing when she is dissatisfied for the longer period. However, she is the collector of the stories, butterflies as well as the stamps. she has their own personality. She is very independent and the free thing she esteemed towards their partner. She stepping towards the goals gently and smoothly. She has the ability to know about the other’s personal details. A lot of people trust on her because she never reveals the secrets of the people so many of them share the secret.n They have the wonderful feeling of sense as well Hearing, time and taste. Later she becomes younger than she looks. She is the professional sexy brand. She is very strict, Inspirable and dedicates woman. It is very complex to attract her. She is very devoted and loyal. She is very strong and stable from inside. She is smart and very amazing figures of their body so, Male can be easily slip on their beauty. She knows that she is extremely Efficient. If someone overcome to impressed her she offers you very wondrous things.She has the ability to annoying their partner due to overreacting and directness. She likes to household works very slowly but effectively. She will care you and gives the peace and obey your instruction and she has the honor towards you. The sharpness and smartness can be annoying. When she become annoy it is very hard that she accept her mistakes. She thinks she is right so it can be concluded that she has very incredible and amazing confident.

Virgo man personality

Virgo horoscope, Virgo love horoscope, Virgo traits

Virgo traits male shows the professions aspects towards the world. They are very intellectual and be aware towards their goal and have the humor fast mind in many things. People born under this sign emphasize with the other emotions. They are the ones which grow up to the levels of the doctor, engineering as well as attentions that require some details and become highly critical when they do not get the perfection. They may accept the too much attention as well as are loyal and have a good sense of emotions. They believe in fairness and honesty. Since these derive from the virgin it does not means they will not get married and have children instead of this they survive their pure lifestyle. They notice the person which is stand in front they notice their style and action. they do not take interest in conversation. Virgo man mostly focused on their career and avoid from the worst person. they have the good structure of the body. People belong to virgo star sign mostly give the preference for the gym and in yoga classes and are not lazy and have the confidence to oppose their own problems effectively and makes efforts. They have the amazing as well as strong character. well organized, conservative. the mercury is the ruling planet which is ruled by it and they have to show the motivation and has the priority to do better. they are the self-determined. Most of the people think that they are come from the cloud and jumped on the planet of earth. People falls under this sign have the mission is too good existence, They seek the justice as well as the purity of the life. Their good methodology made them good dealer, paper solve the problem and working with the efficiency of minds and skills of the hands. Men are egoistic, arrogant and tempered towards their approach.

Virgo compatibility with another element

Virgo element: Earth

The element of Virgo is earth and the earth individual has created the terms with their surroundings and concern. They are known for the goodwill of adoring the situation of the problems because they can control these situations easily but for others, it is very complicated. Virgo qualities have attracted the person due to the admiration and the have the dare to fought against the injustice. Since they are conservative so they oppose the variation and the spending or wasting of money. They are prestigious and have the good image for their society. They are the smart one in the company of their friend and obtained the enjoy as a blessing. Let’s find out the Virgo compatible signs:

Virgo horoscope, Virgo love horoscope, Virgo traits

Earth sign

Virgo and Taurus compatibility

The romance between them is of old-fashioned, sensible, Practical as well as warmth. Since they both are earth sign so their compatibility is strong and quite touching. The Virgo ashamed because of sexuality and the sexual senses. Their status shows their background as the hero and Virgo shows their background as the free. The surprise for the Taurus is that they have the ability to satisfied their sexual partner and have the tendency to pay attention for their sexuality and give the blessing to their god for the pleasure sexuality. The problem creates when they both analyses their relationship and everything. But they may be able to create the deep emotional connection. Virgo has the importance their sexuality life. they both adopt the problems and have the feeling for each other if someone try to divert them against their partner.

Virgo and Capricorn Compatibility

The compatibility may be good if they are not being strict, rigid when they come to sex. they both have the deep emotions and this emotion is visible during the act of the sex. They both partner seeks the safety and constancy. They produce the good one world from that many couples feel jealous. They have the constant love till for their lifetime. Both Capricorn and Virgo do not like the variation and so they have the fixed match of their compatibility. They are the seeker of the oriented goals which deserve them close. ironically, which could be undoing the couples. They both make a perfect trust and they assured on the love.

Virgo and Virgo compatibility

The combination between is very warmth and fiery and have the self-confidence on each other they have a perfect trust which makes them a good couple.They both have the good sense of organ it shines when they feel secure.  Virgo boy is always ready to deal with the great passion drama. It is believed that they are dramatic. Virgo has the ability to make their love moves. They are the match so they are born for themselves. They have a good attraction and they have the ability to understand the trace between them. They both are ready to the hard cores of the life. they both produce the much better sense by the skills of communications.

Fire signs

Virgo and Leo compatibility

Virgo is of shy nature so they do not show their feelings of emotions. But the Leo shows the nature of glamorous. This relation can be endangered due to the pride nature of Leo and Virgo’s criticism.  The Virgo girl always away from the limelight, But the Leo boy has the ability to show off their contrary. If the Leo learn the lesson of the humbleness which is taught by the Virgo partner.The Leo try to use their unusual behavior and Virgo try to depressed their partner and this cause is the mismatch their relationship.

Virgo and Sagittarius compatibility

they both gave the mutable combination they deeply trust their emotions and try to consult their problem and have the efficiency to solve their problems. they both satisfied each other in their sex life. the sex life accommodates them to make their world. since they do not make the good communication because do not interested in the sex. They know that they are born for each other. they both have the mutable qualities and produce their own world. Both intellectual values are different because they are valid to produce the great senses between them. The Virgo do their work properly and they have the desire to appreciate their Leo partner from their work. this love match may exist if the Virgo force the Leo to changes their attitude towards their lovers.

Water sign

Virgo and Scorpio compatibility

Virgo admires the strength and confidence of the and determination of the stubborn so the Virgo in love attracts towards the Scorpio very easily. Scorpio has the tendency to reveals the thinking and feeling without many efforts. They use their fun and behaves as the friends their compatibility is very warmth and hot. The Virgo becomes impressed so they are not ashamed to show their feelings towards their partner Scorpio. They both feel like too inevitable and be able to form the basic satisfaction towards their presence and the attention of the secure emotions and they can be felt by touching and smelling. Since the Scorpio has the deep emotions so the Virgo seek someone to show their emotions. They find the extreme sexuality. Scorpio wants order and the Virgo wants the power. They both are the required source for each other. They will hard time for separating them from each other. they are the basic needs of sexuality. People born in Virgo sun sign can be able to obey the instruction. The Scorpio gives the protection in turns the Virgo gives the Physical pleasures.

Virgo and Cancer compatibility

Cancerians are expressed by the crabs. Virgo is Logical, Glamourous and Impatient. Both match each other despites different characteristics. Cancer has the deep firm of posture due to which and Virgo can be attracted. Cancerian love simplicity as well as practical outlook. And Virgo shows their affectionate behaviors towards the Cancerians.

Virgo and Pisces compatibility

When these two sign fall in love together then a magical match is formed. Since the both of the sign is different but they both have the affection towards their partner. Peoples learns to teach their perfection and love. They both deserve to satisfy each other in the practical sexuality.

Air sign

Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility

According to their natal chart, there is not any kind easily forms sex relationship. Initially, they both try to attract each other. According to their chart, it is very complicated to support each other. They both are very intellectual but they both has the different thought skills. The marriage relationship between them is due to the trusting strength between them. They have the changeable and movable nature. They both try to accept their commands. The Star sign Virgo always depressed the Aquarius and Aquarius are honest so they have not any other ways except depression.

Virgo and Libra compatibility

They both have the different temptations so they possess the difficulty to understand each other. There is the difference in the phases the crest of one lover is chiral on the other’s trough and vice versa. They like to do the sexuality in the cozy corner, not in the socialization.

Virgo and Gemini compatibility

They both are intellectual and practical so they both have the good match. Virgo man can acquire the advantage by the tendency to understand the each other’s feelings and thoughts. both Gemini and Virgo have the intellectual approach. But they both have the arguments of the senses and caring and loyal towards their world.

Virgo compatibility with the friends and family

Virgo horoscope, Virgo love horoscope, Virgo traits

Virgo has the ability to mix up with everyone very fast. Let’s find out how they behave in every relation whether they are a father or mother or sibling.

As a Father

It is very tough to sight the Virgo as a father. Because they lost the affection and love towards their children. But the world still reminds them he is the father of them. He will not want any kinds of the gap between their relation between father and children.

As a Mother

The mother of this zodiac sign looks to be very loving, caring their children. It is very hard to believe that they lost in their dreams and Produced the thoughts of children. she is over protective for their children.

As a lover

The Virgo makes the excellent lover for their survival. They are methodical, Great sense of patience. So they are waiting for many years to shows the things which are going.

As  a friend

They are very close to their friends and so there are very demanding. It signifies that they stay to keep them happy and have the ability to solve their problems.There friends always being around them and give the solution to give the ways their problems.

As a Children

They are very obedient and sincerely to their parents and always make the focussed towards their goals and mostly achieved the goals and follow the instructions of their parents. They some time disagree so they show their disagreement openly.

Virgo Decan

Virgo horoscope, Virgo love horoscope, Virgo traits

It represents the natal charts of the Virgo. According to this, the different born people has different predictions and future. So there is some Decan which is described below:

Virgo Decan 1: Born between August 24 and September 3

If someone born in these days there ruler planet will be mercury. They are friendly comparable. They are helpful and intelligent as well as shows the sympathetic towards their surroundings people.those born under this influence are trustworthy, generous and discipline. they are a hard worker. They are very lucky because they do not obstacles of the problems.

Virgo Decan 2: Born between September 4 and September 13

Those born under these days . they are ruled by the Saturn planets. They have the blessings due to their practically and stability.They also are stubborn. They are invited to do the programs when they become over 30.They have the answer to any chaotic situations. They have the answer of the great manager so they can be the organizers of their company.

Virgo Decan 3: Born between September 14 to September 22

If someone is born in these days they are ruled by the venus planet. They have the softer disposition and they are more versatile than others. they give the pleasure to the other people which surrounding them and give the fun due to their artistic ability.

Virgo Career

Virgo horoscope, Virgo love horoscope, Virgo traits

Virgo Strength makes them methodical, Sincere and Hardworking. there is no doubt they possess their desired goals easily. they discover the perfection till they not founded. they are always at the top they do not like to defeat they performed their best in any streams. they are known as the good for their excellent determination as well as the organizations. they are known for their analytical mind. This particular asset makes them the employer. they have the potential energy to possess their desirable goals. they choose the great profession which has the well vulnerable values. So Virgo characteristics shows that they may have the professions of engineering, Doctor, and mathematicians.

They have the obsession of the excellent and they are determined so they are stubborn towards their goal and achievements. they spend their time to possess their dreams their dreams may be true if they have to deserved. they never abandoned the hopes whenever they setbacks and have they obsession to do their best. It is very difficult to change their mind and to obstacles them to their goals. They are more adaptable adverse so that they can achieve the incredible things. they have the ability to criticize the other thing they have the opinions. they never leave the incomplete task. they have the great passion towards their dreams.

Virgo Love Horoscope

Virgo horoscope, Virgo love horoscope, Virgo traits

They are very happy with their partner and have the great mystery which is hidden. they are at the corner of the awareness. they are the good organizing stuff. they do believe in the falling of simple pleasuring life. Virgo matches made with the people who are the completely pious towards their relationship and have the practical love for them. they have the active minds and fulfill their basic needs and their unnecessary things. often they have a great love at the place of home, Garden and the atmosphere which can be strong their relations.

They are care and loyal to their loved ones. they are gentle and dutiful towards their lover. their love pushes them towards their utilitarians cause. the Virgo infuses its native to being still fit and wealthy. They aways thought to the welfare their mates.they inspire their mates and gives the inspirable conversations that can motivate their love to achieve or obtained the goals.they don’t like to spend their times on the unnecessary things.they are the guidance of their lovers. they are attracted their lovers to accomplish.

How can attract the Virgo

They have the tends to approach their lovers slowly by the romance and love and they have the great passion towards their partner. But it is very challenging to attract them. Because they are the one which is very difficult to attract them. they can attract which has the self-confidence and have the self-confidence than others. they demonstrated their kindness and chirality. They are very gloomy and they can be attracted by having the great figure somehow they takes the test of some others individual and delay their time to take the decision and never betrayed his confidence.

Some of Virgo eminent personalities are Michael Jackson, Paul walker, Mother Teresa, Ronaldo etc. If you are also a Virgo personality then you must perceive these qualities as well, Please do share your experience in the comment box below.

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